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Bigcommerce has built up a mighty big reputation in the crowded world of ecommerce since they launched their company in 2009. Based in Austin, Texas, Bigcommerce creates fully loaded online stores for clients all around the world – close to 95,000 clients in total. This clientele includes businesses that have been featured on TV networks like CNN and ABC over the years. Their success has been so great, they have expanded into satellite offices in San Francisco and Sydney.

Their company has grown in part because they are known for more than just building a pretty website that acts like a storefront. Bigcommerce is capable of being the backbone of an online business through a host of various elements apart from virtual store building.  From handling the technical side of store management to enhancing web search visibility via smart SEO strategies, they can help bring virtual storefronts to the forefront of the Internet.

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Our Bigcommerce Review

The world of ecommerce is one that gets increasingly crowded year after year, but Bigcommerce stands out amongst the pack for several reasons.  The biggest way they rise up from the crowd is the level of detail that goes into their store building process. No aspect of running a proper business is forsaken here, from the big stuff that doubles as the building blocks of an online store to the small stuff that could easily be forgotten about until after the store has been virtually opened.   This also includes a lot of the “back of the house” stuff like tracking orders and calculating conversion rates.

Bigcommerce also excels at being a top-notch mouthpiece for publicity. The fact that they handle all of the oftentimes difficult aspects of marketing and SEO is a great feature in and of itself, since having an active presence on social media and through e-mail may not be all that easy to do individually. Yet they execute this important aspect of business very effectively.  They don’t care about merely getting your name out there – they want to make sure it is as present and top-of-mind as possible.  It’s an effort that yields rather impressive results.

Even though looks aren’t everything, they are important in ecommerce. To that end, Bigcommerce succeeds greatly. They make eye-catching sites; ones that are streamlined, logical, and easy for the consumer to follow. It ultimately makes for a very pleasant shopping experience. And even though their clients’ stores only exist in cyberspace, having a place that looks good to shop at is still of the utmost of importance.

Notable Bigcommerce Products and Services

Plans and Pricing

Bigcommerce offers three different pricing options for storefronts to choose from. The most basic plan is the Standard Plan, which is priced at $29.95 per month. This plan will allow you to enjoy several key features that are essential for a successful ecommerce venture. Some of these features include unlimited products, unlimited bandwidth, reporting tools, and the ability to accept credit cards and PayPal transactions at a 1.5% transaction fee.

The most popular plan Bigcommerce offers is the Plus Plan. Priced at $79.99 per month, this mid-tier plan includes all of the features enjoyed by those one the standard plan, except that the transaction fee is waived. You’ll also receive other features such as real-time carrier shipping and advanced customer segmentation.

Bigcommerce also offers a custom-built Enterprise package whose price tag is shaped by the number of top-level features that are available for purchase. Some of these features include product filtering, setup and data migration, and the use of a dedicated SSL & IP address.

Ecommerce Apps

The reach of your virtual storefront can be enhanced with some of the various ecommerce apps that Bigcommerce has to offer. Some of these apps are specifically designed to get your products out in front of the people that are most likely to take an interest in your product, such as targeted turnkey feed solutions. Other programs are built to create brand loyalty between you and existing customers, such as apps tied to loyalty programs.  Collectively, these Bigcommerce apps give you plenty of custom integrated options to help you reach out to the consumer your way.

SEO Tools

Bigcommerce’s plans come with built-in SEO functionalities that make it easy for your virtual storefront to nab those all-important high search engine rankings.  These programs allow you to set your own SEO strategy in the way that you want to market your store through innovative tools like auto-generated sitemaps and Google Shopping integration. These tools also allow you to integrate important secondary elements that could play key roles in increasing your online presence. For example, Bigcommerce can create a built-in blog which would allow you to share news and information about your storefront and merchandise in a keyword-driven manner.

Storefront Themes

The free and purchasable themes that Bigcommerce has to offer also are eclectic enough to allow you to design a storefront to ideally match whatever business-driven motif you prefer. The themes run the gamete from colorful backdrops filled with intrigue to stark, classic shades that simply allow the products found in the virtual store to pop. It’s a wide ranging pastiche that makes it allows the well-worn phrase “there’s something for everyone” to actually mean something.

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