Facebook’s Automatic Commenting On Messenger Ads & Posts

As a Facebook Marketer, you are always looking for innovative and new ways to generate more leads at a lower cost. For those selling courses or marketing services, it is also always important to be ahead of clients to showcase your skills. 

One of the new features with Messenger Marketing is the Comment Guard or Autoresponder Feature. These immediately engage with your promoted posts or organic page comments, and turn your commentators into subscribers.

I think it is SUPER Cool and been testing many of the different bots I have seen with people seeing this strategy. Let's take you through the Facebook Comment Guard on MobileMonkey & Automatic Commenting on Manychat. 

Facebook Autoresponder Comments

Now, this is really easy to setup actually. I will get into this below, but I think you can see the power of this. One of the best news is that you do not even have to do this with Paid Ads, but your actually organic posts. As soon as someone replies, responds, or makes any action they will be added to your Facebook Messenger list, where if they choose to respond will be added to your list. Then you have he 24 + 1 Hour rule for Messenger Policies to send unlimited promotional messages, or if subscription approved can continually follow up 🙂

Autoresponder From Comments

With just a few steps MobileMonkey, add a Comment Guard to a Facebook post that will grow your Messenger contact list and add engagement to your post.

How To Setup Automatic Comments In MobileMonkey

In MobileMonkey click on your Lead Magnets and select FB Comments Guard. Once you in your link, name the title and decide which post(s) you will want this feature added to. The first option is if you want to do it only on specific posts (recommended) but you can do it on all features if you want.

I personally like choosing specific segments to each posts, so do not click all. Besides, you can always manually send a link to everyone if they comment on an older post, and get them in the same sequence. 

Last step is to create your engaging message (the user needs to reply too) and choose which list or flow they go into when they engage. I create an entire new segment for my comment guards, as these users need to be responded differently then someone who subscribes fro your website direct. 

Comment Guard Settings

How To Setup Facebook Comments In Manychat

Very similar to the process shown above, except Manychat has a few additional options. Once you click the post, you can decide how long it takes for you to reply, and which keywords to include / exclude. Then decide which post(s) you will want it to automatically comment on.  

Manychat Settings Comments

Next is the most important in the entire process, writing an engaging autopost that your customers will want to engage with. If they do, as mentioned above they will be part of your list. If they do not, it is the last that you will hear from them. So make it good, and ask if they for exaple "want the guide" or write something funny. I hate to say it, as long they click a button or say anything, then you winning! 

Manychat Comments Autoresponse

Last option is to decide who and what you want to respond with everyone. I have a special group tool for this, and a tag that manually ads it so I do not use the Add to Subscriber Sequence, but is something you can choose to use. 

Manychat Opt-In Actions

One last note.. 

In order to maximize this innovative marketing strategy, even before begging you need to think how to make it the most engaging process possible. From writing your first social media post, what is going to get people to comment, then when they comment what type of engagement is going to get them to respond. 

Once you have this mastered, next step is to boost your post (well through your business manager). This will cost money of course, but will get your add in front of a massive new audience. 

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If you have any questions, comment,s feedback to add please comment  below and I promise to respond to all messages.