The Benefits of Paid Membership to MonetizePros (Now Available)

Edit: is now COMPLETELY FREE! Check out our guides section for all of the premium content. Over the course of the last year, we have worked tirelessly to make MonetizePros a valuable resource for Web publishers seeking to gain an edge in monetization. Now today, I (along with my fellow MonetizePros co-founders Andy, Justin, and Michael) […]

MonetizePros Launches Ad Network Reviews Section

I’m pleased to announce that after several months of research and writing, our Ad Networks Reviews section of the site is going live. As of today, we have reviews for the following advertising networks:

Our Latest Tool: How Much Money Should Your Website Make?

It is with great fanfare and pride that I announce the latest of the MonetizePros tools, the How Much Money Should My Website Make? Tool. The tool asks you to input some basic information about your site (such as your niche, and monthly traffic). Next it uses public data, along with some (simplistic) formulas, to […]

Here’s Our New Example Media Kit Template (100% Free)

UPDATE 12/5/2013: Our Media Kit Generator tool is now available. Use it to create a custom media kit for your website. Being a website owner is hard work. There generally aren’t any shortcuts. Except, when there are! For certain types of tasks, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. For instance, if you’re writing up […]

Introducing the New & Improved

It’s been five months since we’ve launched MonetizePros, and the team (Michael, Jimmy, myself, and developer Ratul) have been hard at work! If you haven’t visited the site in a little while, and are wondering what you might be missing out on, here’s a summary of the new Web monetization resources you might be interested […]

Welcome to

Welcome to, a project by Andy Hagans, Michael Johnston, and Jimmy Atkinson. (Click here to read more about us.) The premise behind MonetizePros is simple: we’re going to help website owners make more money from their traffic. Sign up for our free email newsletter to get tips delivered to your inbox. Revenue from a […]