The Ultimate Guide To Mobile App Monetization

The app economy will double by 2020 and reach astonishing $101 billion in global revenue.Good news, right? People are eager to spend more money on great mobile products.Yet, monetizing an app still seems to be an attainable goal for a lot of product owners. Tristan Louis has calculated back in 2013 that the average revenue […]

Employing And Monitoring Apps Expands Their Monetization Potential

An Expected Innovation Modernity has seen a lot of technological innovation, and it’s changing how business looks. Today, apps which are used online or—more likely—in a mobile capacity aren’t just a pervasive, dominant aspect of the market, they’re expected by clientele. Clients go to your website, download the app, and use it to cut through […]

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Monetization

This post covers the various ways to monetize mobile traffic, including a discussion of iPhone and Android apps (and whether you should even bother building an app).

5 Creative Ideas For Better Mobile Monetization

As the percentage of Web traffic coming from cell phones and tablets continues to rise, monetization of mobile traffic has become increasingly important. Many publishers would likely be surprised to learn how much mobile traffic they are receiving, and the monetization of this traffic is largely an afterthought. There are seemingly hundreds of mobile ad networks, […]

How to Make Money With an Android App

Though the Android app marketplace has been playing catch-up to Apple’s App Store since its inception, it has realized impressive growth in the past few years. Revenue in 2013 totaled about $4.2 billion, of which about $1.2 billion went to Google. The number of apps, downloads, and revenue from Android apps is growing quickly, and […]

The Top Mobile Ad Networks

App developers looking to monetize their products have a number of strategies available to them, including charging for a download and offering in-app purchases. There are dozens of mobile advertising networks from which to choose. Each one claims features such as “highest CPMs in the industry” or “superior technology” or “simple set-up and reporting.” In reality, […]

How to Make Money with an iPhone App

The mobile app business continues to show impressive growth, minting fresh millionaires churning out new titles at a rapid rate. Apple’s App Store generated more than $10 billion in revenue in 2013, significantly higher than the $1.3 billion earned by Google Play. Just as there are a number of different ways to monetize a website, […]

Mobile App vs. Mobile Website: A Definitive Guide

In 2014, a mobile strategy can no longer be an afterthought. With the percentage of visits from mobile traffic surging–more than 25% of visits now come from a smartphone or tablet–a mobile plan is an absolute necessity. Continuing to serve the “desktop” version of your site to mobile visitors delivers a bad user experience; navigation […]

How to Better Monetize Your Mobile Traffic

Just about every publisher out there making money from affiliate marketing or display advertising realizes that a growing portion of their traffic is coming from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. But most of them have done very little to make sure their site is prepared to efficiently handle (and monetize) the traffic that […]