These 60 Email Marketing Tools Could Change Your Life

As marketers we’re competing with some of the biggest companies in the world. Sometimes having access to the right tool may be more useful than a dozen employees. I’m not here to chant about how the money is in the list. If you’re reading this, you already know that. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to […]

How to Build an Email List: Email List Building Guide

Behind every successful business is a well maintained, carefully cultivated email list. As the name implies, an email list is a list of email addresses people have voluntarily given to you. This is an important distinction. Unlike customers who may only stop by your site, make a purchase and never return, someone who gives you […]

The Ultimate Guide to Email Monetization

Want to learn more about email monetization? This post outlines strategies for monetizing email addresses, including sponsored emails, an intro to co-registration, and reviews of email ad networks.

Which Email Ad Network Is Best for You?

Email is a common monetization opportunity available to Web publishers. Many sites are collecting email addresses and regularly corresponding with your subscribers, but most aren’t making any effort to monetize the process of collecting or sending to email addresses. There are a number of ad networks that have popped up in recent years to help such publishers generate a bit […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Email Monetization: 10 Essential Resources

Most sites out there won’t have email as a primary monetization method. But many have an opportunity to effectively use this medium as a way to generate a bit of incremental income. Verified and targeted email addresses are a valuable asset that can be monetized both indirectly (i.e., through marketing your own products and services) or directly […]

How to Pick an Email Provider: MailChimp vs. AWeber vs. GetResponse vs. Constant Contact

Last edit: December, 2015 One of the most valuable assets any online property will hold is its email list. Generally built up over a period of time, an email list represents the most loyal list of visitors to your site who have chosen to engage with you on a deeper level than most who simply […]

How to Monetize, Rent, or Sell Email Addresses (Legally)

These 60 Email Marketing Tools Could Change Your Life We love email marketing over at MonetizePros. We know it’s power and we know how to do it more efficiently. Read our post on the best email marketing tools and get an edge over your competitors. Get an Edge! When considering ways to monetize Web traffic, […]