WP Quiz Pro Plugin Review 2020: Best or Not?

User Interaction is the most important aspect of a website, which helps to increase user engagement, and further increase additional traffic to the website. And, providing user interactive content to the users is the most challenging part. You can do many creative things to your website content to increase user interaction. But, The quizzes are the most powerful tool which helps to increase user interaction and fulfill your website traffic goals.

Quizzes have proven to be a source of unlimited viral traffic.

Benefits of adding quizzes to your website

  • Engage your audience: Quizzes help to engage your audience in a unique and fun way. People love to learn about themselves and love to test their intelligence. 
  • Improve your Brand: Quizzes helps your users to know about your brand in a creative way. People just get bored reading the long stuff and learning about them. But people can learn things about your brand in a fun way.
  • Increase more traffic: People like to compare their intellect with others. So, they can share the quizzes with their friends, thereby bringing in more traffic to your website.
  • Reduce the Bounce Rate: The users who take a quiz often tend to stick to your website until the conclusion of the quiz. This helps reduce the bounce rate of your website.
  • More Earning: You can make more money by showing ads between the questions, or before the result.

Now, The Question Arises How can we create creative or interactive quizzes for our websites?

With the help of MyThemeShop WP Quiz Pro which is a powerful WordPress plugin, you can create a professionally-engaging quiz for your website.

WP Quiz pro helps to create interactive quizzes that people love to take and share with their friends. 

WP Quiz Pro Features:

Different type of Quiz Format

In WP Quiz Pro, you can create 6 different types of quizzes:

#1. Trivia Quiz Type:

WP Quiz Pro

Trivia quiz is the quiz type which tests the knowledge of a person on any subject or topic. These quizzes are basically the General Knowledge type of quizzes which helps to measure the intellect of a person.

You can create Trivia types of quizzes on your website with the help of the WP Quiz Pro plugin. In this, you can create multiple-choice questions with one right answer. Also, you can customize it by adding an Image to make it more professional. 

#2. Personality Quiz Type:

In this, you can compare your personality with your favourite star or celebrity. So you can know yourself better. 

The user has to answer the question that matches his personality and at the end of the quiz, they are shown which characters they most closely resemble.

#3. Swiper Quiz Type

This type of quizzes is perfect for comparing two people, objects, or images against one another.

You can create quizzes in which people have to swipe right or left according to their answers. If the answer is yes then people have to swipe right or vice versa. 

Also, if you don’t like to swipe right or left then you can press the thumbs up and thumbs down button.

#4. Facebook Quiz Type

Most people may know about these quizzes as they are very popular on Facebook.

In this type of quizzes, users can participate in a quiz and share their results on Facebook and challenge their friends to take part in it as well. These types of quizzes include: Which celebrity has a crush on you? What is your future?

They look more tempting to the users and people aren't able to resist participating in them. This can help you get more traffic and make your quizzes viral on Facebook.

#5. Flip Quiz Type 

In these quizzes, you can pair your question with your answer on a flip image.

To implement this, you have to create a question on the front part of the image and answer on the backside of the image. So, To check the answer to the question, you can flip the image by clicking a flip button. 

#6. List Quiz Type

This type of quiz is based on the user’s opinion. 

In these quizzes, there are images or questions and each of them has an upvote or downvote option. You have to give your opinion by pressing the button whether it is upvote or downvote. 

Depending on the user’s opinion, your question will adjust from top to the bottom accordingly to your upvotes or downvotes.

Social Media Sharing

Social Media Integration on this tool helps the user to easily share the results of the quizzes on Social Media. There is the highest number of users on social media platforms so this makes it easy to expand your reach among more users. 

You can share on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and VK ( a Russian social network)

Great User Experience 

The UI of this tool is very intuitive, You can easily navigate to the options and settings and customize according to your need. The implementation of the Quizzes is also Very Easy.

Additionally, This tool is very responsive. It works with desktop, tablets, and mobile phones. This creates an ecosystem and provides a great experience for you.

Other Features

  • Advance statistics about players and quizzes: You can get important data about your quizzes and the players like how the quizzes are being taken on your website and how the players are taking the quizzes on your website.
  • Development Friendly: If you know to code then you can do wonders with this WP Quiz as it opens many possibilities for the person who is familiar with coding. 
  • Works With Any Theme: You don’t have to worry about compatibility with any theme as it works with any theme.
  • Supports Stripe and PayPal: WP Quiz supports PayPal as well as Stripe for accepting payments from players.

There are a lot of other features in WP Quiz Pro, but the above describes the main features.

Pricing of WP Quiz Pro

WP Quiz Pro provides you the freemium type of subscription. You can download the free version, but there are some limitations in the free version. You can create only three types of quizzes in the free version which are Trivia quiz type, personality quiz type, flip quiz type.

If you want to get advanced features then you have to buy its premium service which is $77 for 1 year.


WP Quiz Pro is a great tool with a lot of features which can help to make your site more engaging. You can create quizzes with modern formats very easily. 

It has a great user experience and the tool is very responsive, you can customize the things according to your needs very easily.

I think this tool is a must-try if you want to add user engagement to your site and want to add more traffic.