10 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Top CMS

When looking at the stats, it is clear which content management system dominates the market. WordPress market share among other CMSs is 59.4%. That means well over a half of all websites who use a CMS run on WordPress.

That’s around 75 million people across the globe actively using WordPress to manage their websites—much more than any other website builder has ever achieved.

What is it, then, that WordPress is doing differently?

There is more than just one thing. There are more reasons than we could reasonably list here, so we will give you the ten most important ones.

Here are the top ten reasons why WordPress is the leading CMS:

WordPress is free—Anyone can download the core WordPress software for free. The only necessary expense is website hosting, but hosting is necessary for any type of website.

WordPress is effective—WordPress websites work and they work well. It’s as simple as that—WordPress creates powerful websites at a click of a button.

WordPress is aesthetically pleasing—WordPress websites are stunning! Need proof? Take a look at the MonetizePros Thrive Theme Article and see what a WordPress site could look like.

WordPress is simple—Pick a theme, install desired plugins, and post content; that’s all you need to do to run your WordPress site.

WordPress is easy to use—The WordPress dashboard is so straightforward anyone can get the hang of it in minutes. You don’t need to perform any complicated tasks, no matter what you want to do with your site.

WordPress is versatile—You can use WordPress to create just about anything you can imagine. If you see anything you like on other websites, WordPress probably has a plugin that facilitates it.

WordPress is adaptable—You can change your website at any given time. As your needs evolve, so does your site.

WordPress is SEO-friendly—The core WordPress takes care of about 90% of on-site SEO mechanics. You don’t have to work particularly hard to get your site ranked.

WordPress is responsive—A vital aspect for websites in 2019, responsiveness is the central feature of many WordPress themes. With WordPress, your site works well across all devices.

WordPress is secure—The WordPress core receives frequent updates that ensure security. Add a security plugin, and you can rest assured your site is safe.

Those are the top ten reasons WordPress is the top player in the CMS business. If you’re interested in WordPress and would like to learn more, the How WordPress Powers The Internet infographic below has even more info on WordPress and its rise to the top of the CMS game.

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