Sell The Trend Review 2020: Best A.I. Product Research Tool?

One of the biggest obstacles, the drop shippers face is finding the best products for their Business. 

Choosing the best product and finding a supplier for the product is not a straightforward task.

To overcome this problem, there are a lot of product research tools in trending, which are doing pretty decent work. But, the question arises here is: Which product research tool is the best?

Sell The Trend is one of the latest product research tool in the market and gaining a lot of popularity. For those who want to know about this tool in detail, I am going to review this tool and help you out in deciding if the Sell the Trend is best or not.

Before we get in-depth, let’s get a quick overview of what Sell The Trend is:

What Is Sell The Trend?

Sell The Trend is the A.I. product research tool that helps you to find the winning products for your business. Its competent machine learning approach sort out all the products that are trending and in great demand.

This ensures that you are selling the latest products to your customers.

Product Research Tool

As you login to Sell the Trend, you will see the information about active products available. Currently, there are over 6 million available products. They add new products every other day. There are various tools and explorers in the sell the trend which will help you to find the winning products.

These tools are simple to understand and use. You will explore all the things, when you use them. In case if you find any difficulty, then there are tutorial of all the tools and explorers, so you can easily understand them. 

The Nexus

This is the revolutionary product research tool of the Sell the Trend. Almost every information regarding winning products is available in this Section.

In the Nexus, products and stores are categorized under different categories as follows:

Hot Products: Unique or best products available.

Trending Products: Products which are in trend among the customers

On The Rise: Products which are an increase in demand.

New Products: New Products which are added recently to the platform

All Products: This includes all the products that are available on the different stores like Ali express, Amazon, Shopify, and Facebook

You can also discover stores under this area categorized as Hot Stores and Trending Stores

Let’s check out the capabilities of this Product Research with the help of an Example.

You can see that there is a lot of information present regarding these  Products such as:

  • How many Shopify Stores are selling this exact product
  • Product Cost, It’s Selling price, and Profit Margin
  • Information about sales
  • Number of Orders
  • The last time the product was added to Shopify Store

You can check the availability of similar products in the stores like Amazon, Ali express, etc, and compare their prices. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

 When you click on the product research button, a new window opens with more information.

In the Product Research where you can find a Real Trends chart that shows the data about the number of orders that have been made within the last months. This will give you an idea about the demand for the product.

There is also a link to top Shopify stores that have a similar product and also you can see which country has the most customers who bought that particular product

Video Creator

You can also create Facebook video ads in Sell The Trend from AliExpress product images.

To create this, enter the product URL which will import the images from AliExpress, then add some banner text, and add music, then click on create your video.

Your ad will be generated in a couple of minutes.

You can also do lot of customization like adding music, adjusting length, etc.

AliExpress Explorer

If you want to search the products on AliExpress specifically, then this section is best for you. This tool offers the products that are currently popular and the ones which are going viral in sales on a daily basis. 

You can see a lot of information regarding the product like the Number of orders, notices, purchase prices, total sales, etc.

You can easily find the products that are in demand and selling rapidly.

Also, you can filter the products according to your needs.

There is also features like:

New Star: It is the new products that are added.

Hot Products: These are the products that are selling good and in trending.

Hidden Gems: These are the products that would do good in the future and have a tendency to gain rapid growth.

Amazon Explorer

The Amazon Explorer tool focuses on the ranking of the product while the Ali Explorer tool focuses on the sales and orders of the product.

There is an amazing feature of this tool, It links you to the products on AliExpress where the products are cheaper than Amazon. 

It has the same categories as New Star, Hot Products, and Hidden Gems. You can filter out the products by Product Price, Orders, and Video Available.

Shopify Products and Shopify Stores

Shopify products show you the 1000s of products that are available and in every Shopify store and it is tracked on a daily basis.

Shopify Stores provides you the details of every Shopify store.

This also provides you additional information about these stores which you can see from the screenshot above like:

  • How much traffic each store is getting on a daily basis
  • Social media tracking of these stores
  • How much money that store spends on tech

Sell The Trend Pricing

This has only one pricing plan which you can pay on a monthly or yearly basis. The plan for the month is $32.97 and for the year is $32.97/month. Also, you will get the additional two months free, if you opt for the yearly plan. If you can’t decide to buy it or not, then you can also take a 7-month trial.


Sell The Trend is an amazing Product Research tool and comes with a lot of cool features. It will make your product researching task very easy. You will get the winning products and their all details in a very quick time. From my point of view, Sell The Trend is a must to have and worth subscribing to if you are thinking of Dropshipping the products and stuck in choosing the good product research tool. It will definitely help you to increase your Dropshipping business.