Rank Math Pro Review 2020: The Things You Need To Know? Best or Not?

The Rank Math Pro official version was recently released on November 9, 2020.

Many people may have already used its free version which is doing a great job, people loved the Rank Math a lot. Also, many top marketers have appreciated this tool and It has gained so much popularity in a very short time.

Rank Math helps you get ranked higher by making your website SEO-friendly and your content worthy of a featured Position.

Now, they have released its pro version and It’s quite interesting. You can check it in mythemeshop.

It has extra premium features, great support, and much more. So, Let’s Discuss. What are the things you need to know about?

What does Rank Math Pro Offering to us?

Rank Math has stated that On public demand and user feedback the Rank Math Pro version has come with additional features that will help the users to level up their SEO game in a new way.

Rank Math Pro has a lot of additional features. Let’s talk about them.

  1. Advanced Google Analytics Algorithm: This helps to see all your Google Analytics data right inside your WordPress dashboard along with advanced features. So, you can get a meaningful insight into how well or poorly your website is performing in Search Engines.

  1. Keyword Rank Tracker: Rank Math Pro helps you to track your website’s performance for 100s of keywords and monitor position history for trailing 12 months.

  1. The Most Advanced Schema Generator: You can choose from a list of pre-included schema types or use the schema generator to create schema templates or Generate Custom Schema

  1. Import Schema From Any Website: You can enter any 3rd party URL and Rank Math will automatically import Schema from that URL.

  1. Google Trends Integration: You will get Google Trends data for a selection of your focus keywords right inside your WordPress Dashboard.

  1. Automatic Video Detection for Video Schema: Rank Math Pro automatically detects the presence of videos and gets them ready for Video Schema and Video Sitemaps

  1. Check Ranking Keywords For Each Post: You can see a list of all keywords to check ranking keywords for a particular post.

  2. Track Top 5 Winning and Losing Posts: You can track your top 5 winning and losing Post per website in Rank Math Pro to get a better analysis of your posts

Other features

Google News SEO Sitemap

Google video SEO Sitemap

Image SEO Pro

Local SEO Pro With Multiple Locations

WooCommerce SEO Pro

Complete EDD SEO

Client Management

Advanced Post Filtering

20 Pre-Defined Schema Types

Advanced Content SEO Overview

Position History For Keywords and Posts

Add Custom Schema Using JSON +LD/HTML

Validate Schema With Google

Add Unlimited Multiple Schemas

Custom Schema Builder

Automate Schema Implementation

Dataset schema

Carousel Schema

Advanced Redirections Module

Advanced Local SEO Blocks

Import GSC & GA Data From a Particular Country

Watermarked Social Media Images

Import SEO data via CSV file

Advanced Quick Edit Options

Single Post Performance Badges

Track PageSpeed For Each Post and Page

Track SEO Performance of Individual posts

Noindex Password Protected Pages

Advanced How To Schema

Find & Replace Image alt/title/caption Text

840+ Schema Type Supported

Fact Check Schema

Mentions & About Schema

Automatic Q&A Schema for bbPress

Google AdSense Earning History

Custom Rank Math Settings

Complete Import/Export Options

Complete Elementor Integration

Import Redirections Data via CSV File

Detect Orphan Pages

Automatic Video Data Fill For Video Schema

Sync Redirections to .htaccess

Export 404 Log

Mark Cloaked Links as External Links

Automate Image Captions

Advance Edit Bulk Options


Extra Benefits:

The Extra Benefits in Rank Math Pro are:

  • Exclusive Facebook Club
  • Advanced Technical SEO
  • Dedicated Premium Support
  • Detailed Video tutorials
  • One-Click Automatic Updates

And much more

In fact, Rank Math is already providing all the good features in its free version that are provided by its competitors in their paid versions. That’s why Rank Math is liked by so many people.

Don’t worry about the free version features, Rank Math admitted that the free version will always remain free with all the features that you are using in their free version.

Rank Math Pro Pricing

Rank Math pro is coming at very reasonable prices:

Rank Math pro

It is also coming with special launch offers with its launching partners

Rank Math Pro SEO Plugin

Rank Math vs Its competitors

I have used Rank Math and other SEO plugins as well. I think I am the right person to tell the Rank Math is good or not when compared to its competitors.

I have used Yoast SEO, SEOPress on our website and they were good tools with great features.

But, when I switched to the Rank Math. The thing I liked the most is that it is offering great features in its free version for which we have to pay for on the other plugins.

Also, Rank Math Support is Great. They are very active and respond on time. They accept positive and negative feedback as well and provide the best solution possible.

I strongly recommend you to try this tool. You will love it a lot

Final Thoughts

Rank Math Pro is providing a ton of features and functionality.  We already know the Rank Math is a very Innovative tool. No Doubt, It is the best WordPress SEO Tool of the 2020. Also, Many people have switched to this tool from its competitors because of its Promising Results

 The pricing model is also very genuine and reasonable. The launching offers it is providing along with its subscription looking very promising. As they have newly released the pro version, so the offers will be available only for the limited time. After that, there will be increase in the pricings and the offers with their premium launching partners will also expire soon. So, Hurry Up! to grab the opportunity.

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