The best 10 photo editing apps for businesses for mobile

Internet is booming with photos that people upload every day on social media. Posting vivid, colorful, and professional images on social media is an effective way to gain huge numbers of followers. But with the proficiency in technology, it is easier to make pictures colorful. People are now using some photo editing apps to make photos aesthetic. In this way, some of the photo editing apps are now popular worldwide. Using these apps has made reduces the cost for people to hire a professional photographer.

Everything you need to know about the 10 photo editing apps for businesses for mobile

It is nice if you can create your edited images. Now you can edit your photos using your smartphone and photo editing apps. We are going to make you know about some of the accessible and easily usable photo editing apps. Whether you are a professional photographer or photo enthusiast, these apps will make your digital photo editing more easier than before.

1. Snapseed

The most popular and most used photo editing apps that people are using worldwide is undoubtedly Snapseed. Google mainly develops Snapseed, but it is not for desktop. This photo editing app is free and powerful than some other apps like Instagram. Even professional photographers are using Snapseed now. You can use the powerful photo editing filters of Snapseed with your smartphone. This app with advanced tools is easy to use. 

As a free app, it comes with a wide range of photo filters. Snapseed comes to you with more than 25 filters like healing, brush, HDR and some other tools. This app has made it easy for editing photos making photos sharper. You will find this app in the Google play store as it is available there. Once you have edited pictures in Snapseed, you can save and share the edited images. You can even copy with the changes that you have made.


VSCO is one of the most popular apps used to make stunning photos and videos. VSCO is a powerful app that comes with numerous features. It is a bit confusing to use but creates excellent quality images. This app gives photos a touch of elegant. You have to explore several options to edit your photos with VSCO. After editing your photos, you can share them on Facebook or Instagram. 

People worldwide now use VSCO to make their images shine. Facebook and Instagram posts are getting more important than ever. Your shining and stunning photos can help you to get more followers. So giving images a professional and eye-catchy look is crucial. Tools and filters in VSCO can make sure to make photos stand out.


3.   Picsart

Number one photo editor in the world is Picsart. The filters, effects, frames, collages, stickers are amusing in Picsart. It is a free app and makes awesome edits in your picture. It is like an all in one creativity suite with photo editor, drawing tools, and a camera. Picsart allows creating crop, clone, stretch, cutouts, and ad text.

Picsart drawing includes drawing tools, brushes, and layers. Camera in it allows you to take images with a live effect. It will enable you to save pictures and share them. With Picsart collage maker, you can make template collages, freestyle collages, grid style pic collages. You can draw your photos.


4.   Touch retouch

It is a magical app that is used to remove objects and repair images. This Touch Retouch app is essential for people who want to make their photos look good. The damaged or old photos that you never think to be repaired can be repaired with this app. It is not similar  to other photo editing apps. This app is very useful to remove unwanted objects from your images. 

With this app, you can edit photos like the professional editors. This app is helpful to remove all the unwanted and unnecessary things in the easiest way from images. Even you can remove uncountable things from your images to give them a perfect look. Millions of people worldwide are using this app to beautify their pictures.

Touch Retouch

5. Adobe Photoshop express

Adobe Photoshop Express allows you to make your photos look awesome with a little touch up in some easy steps. Creative folks around the world are using Adobe Photoshop express to make gorgeous and colorful photos. It is the mobile version of Photoshop. It is a free service for Android that comes with photo adjustment and standard editing tools. 

There are 45 attractive effects in Adobe Photoshop express, including black and white, nature, duotones, and portrait, to get the right look of your images. The attractive filters in Adobe Photoshop express come with various stunning filters that make your pictures look more creative.

6. Mextures

Mexture is the award-winning app that allows editing images with handicraft formulas. Mextures is available for iOS. Mextures enables you to change the overall look of your pictures. But it takes only a few steps. When you want to make your photos extraordinary, Mextures can help you. This app adds visual interest to your photo. All the effects of Mextures are suitable for all your images. For applying texture, this app is the perfect one. No other app works fast like this app. 

You can change the texture, rotate a layer, and blend mode using Mextures. With this app, you can make changes with any edit at any time. You can adjust photos with your some professional-grade tools like contrast, tint, fade, black and white, sharpness, and saturation. This app comes with all that necessary tools that you need to make something unique and different.


7. Pic collage

Pic collage makes the photo editing easy and fun. This app brings out the best in a photo making the process easier. You can get the exact look of your images that you want to see. It takes only a few seconds to make a photo collage. This app is fun and easy to use that unleashes your creativity. You can share everything that you need to share your story. This app comes with a bunch of excellent features including freestyle mode, cut out, message cards, grids, stickers, backgrounds, freestyle mode, gifting cards for greetings.

Over 200 million people are using pic collage. Some new features are added in it which has made it excellent to create your picture in its style. The improved text editor allows changing color, fonts, alignment in the most natural way. The cutout feature comes with the algorithm generated feature background removal.

Pic Collage

8. Photofy

Another app for making a photo collage to create some excellent materials is Photofy. This app makes your images to speak louder than your words. This app has become one of an integral part for visual Web. It allows transforming ordinary photos into excellent expressions within a few seconds only. This app is freer for the Android and iPhone to share your excellent photo creations. Any photo like love, birthday, family, fashion, holidays can be designed with it. And you can share your excellent photos on social media and save your pictures on your phone or email. 

A bunch of features allows you to use the filter, light effects, meme editor, business templates, and make exciting collages, photos, and marketing content. Photofy connects your business clients in the social world and makes it easy to design images without hiring graphic designers. The auto-renewal subscription is active in Photofy, and it will be automatically renewed.


9. Superimpose

Superimpose is an excellent app for the business owners to edit images with a few taps. This app allows you to create juxtaposed pictures and photo editing tasks easily. This is the most powerful app that is available in the app store in today's world. The attractive features in it allow to blend images with the blending tool, smooth edges, adjust colors, contrast images. It can make pictures rotate, scale, move, resize, and the flip tools for blending images. It works simply with layers in Photoshop. You can make an adjustment to images without the knowledge of image blending.

You can load your background image, makes out unwanted portion of the image, adjust colors, and share the photos on Twitter, Facebook. The masking tool comes as an excellent feature in it. Users can use lasso, polygon, linear, ellipse, brush, radial gradient, rectangle.


10. A color story

Another photo editing app that is perfect and works excellent for business owners is a color story. More than 8 million people over the world use a color story. This app has become popular because of creating the best photos and video with the essential editing functions like cropping images. It comes with more than 100 filters to edit photos and cohesive grid. This app is available for android devices with a bunch of features.

This app allows for accessing unlimited filters and effects. There is numerous number of options for the users that offer photo editing program with some comprehensive editing tools. If you use this app once, you will become a lifetime fan for this app. You will love the aesthetic designs. 

Bottom Line

These are the awesome photo editing apps for you to edit your photos. If you can not edit your images or just do not have your time,  there are a lot of options.  One of the companies I use is image retouching service or post a job on Upwork

Now it is your time to edit photos using the apps from the list above to get the photos that you need. Hope that this article is helpful enough for you to find the photo editing apps that fit for you.

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