How to Increase Ad Revenue Greatly With Pagination


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how to increase ad revenue - pagination

Are you starting to feel that your ad revenues have decreased, or are you not satisfied with the revenues that you are currently getting? One quick way to help you fix that problem is by applying pagination to your content. Why? Basically, the more times an ad shows up in your content the more chances to get a click for PPC and the quicker you get to the threshold of PPV.  By adding pagination, you will increase the number of times an ad is shown from a single post by dividing it into multiple pages meaning more chances for clicks and more views for the ad. Let the Monetizepros teach you how to increase ad revenue through pagination.

How to Increase Ad Revenue

It is already a universal fact that these days website traffic is coming more from mobile devices rather than desktop. According to research done by the experts from the Wall Street Journal, visitors spend 55% percent of their time viewing content on their mobiles devices. This leaves a hole in publishers who don’t have their set-up directed towards catering mobile users.

When it comes to getting ad revenues, the number of page views also plays a vital role in the total money that you can get. If you are focused on increasing your ad revenues in a more efficient way, you can rely on pagination to increase the number of times an ad is viewed rather than increasing your number of total posts. You could always hire people to get the assignment and essay writing services help online, at the same time you can also use these companies to help you increase your total number of published posts.


Enter the Pagination Erahow to increase ad revenue - pagination

So, what is this pagination all about and why do we create so much fuss around it? Regarding the term itself, it stems out from the book publishing industry and is now widely used in the website content publishing as well. To simplify things, it is easier for readers to digest a big piece of information when it is split into small chunks. Think of it as a Pizza where you will get to eat it more effectively by slicing it into pieces rather than trying to eat the whole thing right away.

What makes things even better, there are no limitation and regulations that you need to follow while splicing the content up and creating paginated web pages. On mobile view, pagination is the best and most efficient way to organize the content making it look more aesthetic.

how to increase ad revenue - paginationFaster Loading Time

Mobile internet connection is like the mood swing of a teenager. In the places with poor reception, connections become slow. If the content of your website is too big, it automatically needs more time to load. Users will just go back and leave the page right away to browse somewhere else. This is true especially for image galleries with substantial content. If you split your content into several pages, it will load faster, and the display will be better. Another added bonus is, when the users choose to go back because of the dying connection, they will end up staying on the previous page from your website.

Smooth User Experience

These days it’s is not enough to create responsive web content. Users may experience bad experience when they want to get back to the specific part they were reading but they can’t find it fast enough till they lose their interest. It happens because the browser loses the track of the position in the long webpage. The user is forced to scroll endlessly before finding the part of the post that they were viewing.

As a publisher who truly caters to a mobile audience, you should keep in mind the area below the fold. Many users complain about non-user friendly layouts that give them a hard time as they scroll down pages.  Place yourself in your visitor’s point of view, it is much more convenient to read the text and view the overloaded content in a separate chapter on several pages with very short scrolling.  You should also take into account the entire length of the page and make its design appealing.


We are in the digital age. Anyone can be a publisher and actually succeed. It isn’t as easy as it sounds to make content. A whole day is very short when you are trying to build and grow your ad revenue. This is why some publishers tend to use assignment writing service providers to help them make content which they can also publish online. This gives them time to focus on growing traffic rather than spending 12 hours on content.

In summary, user interfaces for a single page and minimize the scrolling. That is how you make your published material mobile-friendly through pagination. In return, you get more chances for clicks, total ad views and increase your overall ad revenue potential. That is how pagination increases your ad revenues dramatically.

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