Top 7 Steps To Create a Perfect Logo for Your Company

The world’s companies take a great care of their logos. From green crocodile to an apple with the bite taken off, for most people such logos immediately connect their minds to the business without a need to explain what is it about. This is the type of recognition which is aimed by a single business appearing in the market.

Think about the last time when you have met somebody new. There is a saying “You only get one chance at a first impression”, the same is true with your business. On average, people take just a few seconds to make a judgment on what they see. With such short attention span of your potential consumer, you need to be fast and convenient. Therefore, it is so vital to create a perfect logo that will speak for your company.

Why logo is important for your company?

Have a look around, you can definitely spot at least 3-5 different logos. At a glance, you can name all of them. This is so-called brand identity and instant recognition in the marketplace.


Usually, the company’s logo is the first step in its introduction to consumers. The eye-catching design can raise the interest and invite a potential customer to learn more about your company. Not the only professional look of your logo inspires people to do business with you, but also the way how memorable and attractive it is for them. Your potential client might remember your logo and come to you when the time is right. Therefore, it is important to put some effort into creating something that looks great on the outside.

See the important reasons, why your business should have a logo:

• For more professional look;

• For brand recognition;

• For consumer loyalty;

• To send a message and explain what the business is about;

• To create a positive first impression;

• To attract new customers.

The art of the logo design

Did you know that Nike has paid only 35$ for its famous swoosh? It shows that you don’t have to rob the bank to create your perfect logo. Instead follow these 7 simple steps:

1. Decide between logo or logotype

At the very start, it might be very difficult to decide whether or not you need a symbol or just a wordmark. Some organizations decide to add both, e.g. Starbucks. However, in 2011 Starbucks unveiled a new logo removing lettering and a coffee cup. Despite the fact many customers didn’t see the logic behind this move, Starbucks commented on this as a new page in the book that gives the freedom and flexibility to think beyond coffee.


2. Choose a color

Color plays a key role in creating logos. Did you know, that every color can evoke different emotions as well as change our sub-conscious state of mind? Bright and bold are not always memorable or recognizable, but nude colors very often are getting overlooked. When selecting the right color for your logo have a look at the big brands who seem to get it right:


Power, passion, aggression

Best examples: Coca-Cola, Red Bull


Clarity, trust, comfort

Best examples: Samsung, Facebook


Joy, energy, warmth

Best examples: IKEA, McDonald’s


Nature, health, peace

Best examples: Animal Planet, Starbucks


Royalty, sophistication, femininity

Best examples: Yahoo!, Hallmark


Creativity, youth, cheer

Best examples: Fanta, Nickelodeon


Bold, serious, luxurious

Best examples: BlackBerry, Tiffany & Co.


Love, sweet, sexuality

Best examples: Barbie, Victoria’s Secret


Support, reliability, dependability

Best examples: Ups, Ugg Australia

3. Make It Simple

The cluttered logo won’t send a clear message. It might be tempting to add as much as possible messages with the logo design but it is essential to keep it clear avoiding too many colors, layered messaged and multiple fonts. The simple message is easier to memorize.

4. Create scalable logo

Keep in mind that there are many ways where you could put your logo – display banners, newspaper ads, outdoor large banners, on your website, etc. Your logo must work well in both large and small formats, black and white colors. Test the scalability of your design.

5. Make sketches

At the early stage, you might have many ideas and visions on how the logo has to look like. Put them all on paper so that you can see what works better.

6. Test your design

Show your creation to a test group and get feedback from people in the target market.

7. Finalize the design

The very last step is to digitalize the logo. You can hire a designer or create a logo yourself. The great example is Renderforest logo maker – online platform providing you with the best design solutions.

With Renderforest you get a logo created from scratch, all you need to do is:

  • Tell the Renderforest team what kind of logo you would like to have: describe your product and your vision on it;
  • Choose the most suitable styling;
  • Customize your logo with the preferred color and graphics.

On top of these advantages, you get your vector logo which can be edited any time you like. The ready logo is Royalty Free and can be used for commercial purposes. This way you save your money and get the professional logo to work with. Remember that some of the big brands’ logos cost just as little, it’s all about the right message sent to the potential customers.

Creating a logo is a vital part of your company’s marketing and branding strategy. It is more than just a pretty picture. Take some time to consider your logo and its appearance. Well, thought through logo will separate you from the competition and earn the loyalty of your customer.