Ten Blogging Mistakes People Make

With more than 600 million blogs on the web, you need to have a solid strategy to ensure your blog gets noticed. You also need to avoid common mistakes. Here are ten of the most common errors bloggers make.

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1.Thinking Your Blog Is a Proven Get Rich Quick Method

 Blog novices often believe that they can simply start writing a blog and add some Google Ads to the website to start getting loads of traffic and earn big money. In reality, it is somewhat more complicated than that. If you want to make money out of your blog, it requires hard work and determination. Although there are several popular ways to monetize a blog, such as ads, affiliate links, and drop shipping, they often do not have great pay-outs. At least, not until a blog has attracted thousands of followers. However, it is certainly possible to make money out of your blog. But instead of focusing on ads, in the beginning, you should focus on building your brand.

2.Not Thinking About Your Readers

 Just because you enjoy reading about specific topics, it does not mean there is a large audience who is also interested. So, you must consider your readers and align your blog posts with their interests if you want to attract more followers. Take time to research your audience demographic to identify what resonates most with your readers, and then write blog posts accordingly. You should also avoid writing blogs on all manner of subjects that do not combine well. Make sure all blog posts tie in with your site’s overall theme.

3.Making Topics Too Broad

 Another common mistake concerning topics is making blog post themes too broad. With so much content on the web, readers do not need yet another article like “What is social media marketing?” or “Best Business Practices.” Also, there are so many precise details and nuances in many article topics that it can be very challenging to write an informative article. Stick to more specific topics that target smaller but readymade markets. And avoid writing blog posts that require expertise.

4.Not Paying Attention to Your Writing Style

 Many bloggers simply start writing posts without considering their style of writing. Many websites employ professional content writers to ensure the content is engaging, grammatically correct, and of high quality. You may have no professional writing skills at all. If that is the case, it can be challenging to match the quality of content written by professionals. However, there are solutions. You do not need to complete a university degree and learn how to write like Shakespeare. Instead, you can use grammar-checking tools like Grammarly that give helpful guidance on how best to phrase and structure sentences and paragraphs. But it is just as important, and perhaps even more so, to convey your personality when you write. Your readers need to enjoy your style of writing as much as the content. So, get rid of jargon and make sure your writing is not too stiff. A good tip is to write as you talk to convey a natural tone. 

5.Not Asking Others What They Think of Your Writing Style

 The only way to truly ensure your writing style and character voice is engaging is to ask other people what they think. Humans will pick up on things that automatic grammar-checking tools cannot. By asking others what they think, you can adapt your tone and make other tweaks to make your blog even more entertaining and engaging.

6.Not Structuring and Formatting Your Blog Appropriately

 Just as important as your writing style is the appearance of your blog post. If your article is not broken up into sections and paragraphs and is instead one long block of text, people will immediately be put off reading it. You also need to consider things like headings, font sizes, types, and colors, and the use of bullet points. Also, make sure you include visuals in your blog posts to make the articles immediately visually appealing.

7.Not Capturing Leads

 If the intention of your blog is to convert traffic into leads, you need to do more than just post your blog and hope for the best. It is essential you collect emails so that you can contact your followers with your latest news or promotions. So, make sure you use calls-to-action in your blog, like getting people to sign up for a newsletter.

8.Not Using Content Optimization Software

 If you want your blog to rank highly on search engines like Google, it needs to be search engine optimized. You can use content optimization software to support a full-scale SEO content strategy. One of the best tools is Surfer, which is specifically designed to help SEO content by analyzing your blog against 500+ on-page signals.

9.Not Using the Right Keywords

 Adding keywords to your blog content is important for SEO, but you need to make sure you use the right keywords. You can do online searches to find out the latest trends and then incorporate relevant keywords into your content. But an easier way is to use a tool like Ubersuggest. The free SEO tool specializes in generating new ideas for keywords.

10.  Not Optimizing Your Site for Responsive Design

 Many bloggers make the mistake of not optimizing their content for both desktop and mobile devices. In this day and age, people access online content from all manner of devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. So, ensure your blog is able to be read clearly on mobile devices as much as on desktop computers. Read your blog on your own phone to see if the formatting remains intact. If there are issues, you can make some simple changes. For instance, iPhones do not support Flash, and many phones do not support Java, so avoid them both. Ultimately, you need to embrace responsive design, which means your website automatically responds differently based on the type of device being used to access the site. You can use tools on blog sites like WordPress to ensure responsive-design is included.

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