Advanced Strategy on How to Make Money On Tumblr

In 2016, almost 80 thousand people read our article titled “How to Make Money on Tumblr: 25 Proven Tips.” One question that a lot of those people repeatedly asked us, was if we had any suggestions on any specific and actionable method they could use to make money on Tumblr. For a long time we didn’t have any specific answer for these people. Until now.

After months of searching, I believe I have found a method you can use to make money on Tumblr.

Tumblr is a monster of a website and social network. With its 425 million registered users and 199 million monthly How to Make Money On Tumblrvisitors, this fact is not in doubt. Like other social networks, many of it’s users often would like to be able to earn an income or be rewarded for the time they spend there, and the tons of money they make for it’s owners. 

If you are reading this guide, chances are that you have  also wondered at that puzzle.

Gladly, I am pleased to tell you that after several months of painful search, I think I may have found an answer to that riddle. In other words, I have found a way for you to make money on Tumblr, but I must warn you, this method will require some investment from you.

The first investment you need to be willing to make is time. As with anything in life, it takes time to achieve anything worthwhile. How long it will take will vary  from person to person. For some people it might be 2-3 months, for some it might be 5-6 months. But if you are consistent with the method you are about to learn, it is safe to say that it will take you less time.

The second investment you are going to have to make is an investment in this software. Called Tumbling Jazz, the main function of that software or “bot” as such software is often called, is to help automate the main process involved in the method you are about to learn. Any attempt to do it manually is almost guaranteed to fail, or at least be extremely difficult that you might as well not bother, because it will entail you being at your PC almost 24/7 performing certain tasks.

However, once you get the bot, it can continue running in the background while you continue to do your own thing. If you have a “phobia” for software, don’t fret, the developer has a whole suite of tutorial videos, plus he has a forum for members and he is very helpful when you need him to be via email.

Now, without further adieu, to learn about the method that I recently discovered to make money with Tumblr, visit this webpage.


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