8 Tips to Consider When Monetizing A Blog

Thousands of blogs pop up on a daily basis, at least partly due to the overhyped information in the blogosphere on blog monetization. People read about bloggers who are making a decent income and become attracted to the venture without much research. Some successful bloggers fail to highlight why most blogs fail and there are those who quit before they make a cent from the efforts. The following are 8 tips to consider when monetizing a blog.


  • Website’s User Experience


Internet users these days demand the best experience, and nothing short of it, when they visit your site. The page load speed, content quality and appearance of the site, determine the conversion rates. Having a good website that offers a seamless user experience is essential when monetizing blogs. Employing a designer might not be within your budget so you may have to start with website builders. Basic website builders don’t always have the features that you need, but more comprehensive builders, like Wix, are more than capable of helping you deliver the user experience you desire. According to Top10bestwebsitebuilders.com’s review of Wix “The Wix user interface certainly makes it one of the most intuitive web builders available. In literally less than five minutes, users can pick a great template and start customizing it to their liking—all without agreeing to any terms of service or entering credit card info”.


  • Solve Customer’s Problem


Today’s customers demand products or services that offer solutions to their daily problems. Some bloggers are selfish and sell what they think is fit for the society. You should set a business from a customer’s perspective and not the other way round. Do deep research and understand the problems that today’s consumer faces. Learn the trends and have a passion for what you do. You need to get into the consumer’s mind and understand their challenges through careful analysis and evaluation.


  • Personalize Your Content


A good blog should be personal to connect with potential customers well. Adding an About Us  page is ideal to tell the clients of your expertise and services. Do not copy other people’s writing styles, as this hides the real you. Use real-life experiences and examples, where applicable, to drive points home. You can offer free advice on various forums, as this improves your brand’s image. Also, you can create surveys to collect customer feedback on a regular basis.


  • SEO Your Content


You should create content that appeals to your readers and the search engines. What are the possibilities that a new user will land to your site after typing certain keywords into the browser? Learn the basic SEO methods to outrank your competitors and become an authority in your field. Search engine traffic can bring high conversions because many people are desperate for the products your offer.  Make sure to also keep in mind when writing your content to have it optimized for the the increasing number of voice searches from different smart speakers such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. 


  • Review Promotion Techniques


You can create excellent content but still fail to attract readers to your blog. You may have the best products in the market, but how do you reach out to potential customers? An email list is ideal because it allows you to do campaigns and regular updates. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your products and content. Sponsored ads can also generate traffic to your site and increase conversion rates.


  • Choose Words Wisely


Some bloggers use technical language, which sometimes scares customers away. You should use your site to communicate to the readers at their level. Treat the target audience as a friend and use words that connect with them easily. The users should not open a new tab on the browser to research the meaning of phrases and words in your posts.  


  • Be Patient


Some people expect to earn from their blogs just a few hours after such sites go live. Some believe passive income depends only well-written content. While this may be true, you should understand that it takes time and hard work to generate passive income. Your goal should not be just earning from the blog, but also solving problems that readers face. You have to gain trust and credibility before you start earning from your new site.


  • Be Consistent


Most bloggers experiment with their process before settling what’s best for them, but you need to understand your audience.  Two key areas that customers demand consistency are scheduling of posts and the quality of information. You can decide to do one post per day, week or month, depending on your goals. Readers will always be on the lookout for your message if you show consistency in your field. You can expand your posting schedule with an increase in revenues. Some people fail at blogging due to lack of concentration and poor time management. Ideally, treat your blogging like a job, and it might become your only job.

Blog monetization can take several forms, such as affiliate marketing, advertising, physical products, digital products, and services. Some persons combine two or more forms to earn from their blogs. You need to create a healthy relationship with your readers irrespective of the monetization approach that you apply, by ensuring that you take the tips from great website builders such as wix.com, to promote your blog on an attractive website then follow suit.

  • Dominick Parker says:

    Hey MonetizePros,

    I have to agree with tip # 6, “Choose words wisely.” When I first started writing content, I was obsessed with making sure I came across as the biggest and baddest pro in the field. The “know it all,” and I would write words that I wouldn’t even use in day to day conversation. Eventually, it clicked, and I realized that blogging was more about speaking in the same tone you would with your best bud.

    Speaking on your SEO tip.

    I found a perfect solution called answerthepublic. It’s a program that dishes out content ideas based on the keyword and is extremely user and engine friendly. You should give it a try!

    Anyway, it was a great post, fantastic read, and looking forward to others!


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