Best Blog Niches That Will Make You Good Money

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Do you blog for a hobby or for a living?

Choosing the best blog niches has always been one of the things to consider ever since blogging has become increasingly popular in the last several years. While some people blog for a hobby, others blog for a living. To blog for a living, you’ve got to build up an audience so that you have consistent traffic coming to your blog. And to build up an audience, you’ve got to know who your target audience is. To know who your target audience is, you’ve got to know the niche of your blog or what your blog is going to be about. Here are our top picks for the “6 Best Blog Niches That Will Make You Good Money”.

Although there are tons of different blog niches to choose from, when trying to choose one for your blog, you want to pick a niche that’s popular and that people want to read about and find interesting, so that it will be easy for you create content. You also want to pick a profitable niche, so that you can monetize your blog. When it comes to monetizing your blog, there are numerous ways to go about it, from affiliate income and ad revenue to the selling of products and sponsorships. Here are six blog niches that will make you money.

Best Blog Niches - how to make money blogging

Pick a profitable niche so that you can make money from your blog.

Best Blog Niches

There are many niches out there, and each niche has a strong potential to make you plenty of money, however, let the monetization pros give you a list of the top 6 to help you gain that revenue that you are looking for. But, a quick disclaimer. At the end of the day, no matter what niche you choose, it will depend on your ability to create engaging content that your audience will enjoy and learn from. As you continue to create more content, your audience will gradually grow hence increasing your revenues as well. It all comes down to your ability to blog. Just in case you have not yet, here is our comprehensive guide on how to blog. You can also go ahead and enroll in our 30-day challenge.

Weight Loss Niche

The weight loss niche is quite popular and profitable blog niche because men and women all over the world are always eager to lose weight, but they need help. These people are looking for recipes, tips and tricks on how to drop the weight. If you are interested in the weight loss niche, you could write about various methods to lose weight, different diets to try, healthy recipes and of course, if you have lost weight or are trying to lose weight, you can always share your story to resonate with your readers.

People are always searching for information on how to lose weight, so this niche can bring you in a boatload of money if done the right way. According to ShoutMeLoud, weight loss-related keywords are in the top 10 highest-paid keywords, and the AdSense cost per click (CPC) is more than $3. This means that if you have targeted traffic coming to your weight loss blog, then you could be making several dollars for every click.

Gaming Niche

The gaming industry is growing rapidly and was a $116 billion industry in 2017, with online and mobile gaming responsible for most of it. The gaming niche is a perfect niche for a blog because more people are getting involved in mobile gaming now more than ever. KeywordKeg shows that the CPC for the keywords “casino games” is about $3.87, which is great!

Gamers are online searching for the newest and best games to play, they are looking for cheat codes and a community to join to discuss gaming. With a gaming niche blog, you could benefit all these gamers by posting about the newest, entertaining games that can be found. If you’re a gamer yourself, you could post videos while playing your favorite games. This niche can be quite lucrative as the opportunities are endless.

Make Money Online Niche

Another popular niche, as everyone is always looking for ways to make extra money, and now more than ever, is making money online. There are plenty of ways to approach this niche, if you had done a ton of freelance work online in the past then this may come naturally for you. Writing about a firsthand experience would definitely help as you would provide your readers an in-depth perspective on how to make money online. But if you chose this niche out of its potential to attract a significant amount of audience, then do not worry. A good old research on reputable blogs that provides tips on how to make money online would do the trick, use these as references and do some extensive research on bidding websites such as Upwork or Fiverr to get the specifics, such as rates, average hours per week you need to put in and job requirements.

With a make money online niche blog, you could post about the newest moneymaking tips, videos on programs and companies to join to make some extra cash and pretty much anything that relates to making money online

Also, with this type of blog, if you are making money online or have the knowledge on doing so, you can create an e-book, guide or course to teach others how to go about making money online and put it up for sale on your blog. According to Keywords Everywhere, the CPC for “how to make money online” is $1.06. So, as you can see, there is a ton of money to be made with a make money online niche blog.

Personal Finance Niche

Best Blog Niches - personal finance niche

If people aren’t looking for ways to make more money, then they’re looking for ways to save.

A personal finance niche blog can be a helpful blog since people are always looking for ways to budget, save money and get out of debt. If people aren’t looking for ways to make more money, then they are trying to figure out how to save money. If you have any tips about saving money and living frugal, you could offer them in blog posts. You could also research some of the best budgeters and feature a new person every week on your blog. The average CPC for the keywords “get out of debt” is a whopping $14.68, as people are always searching for tips to help them get out debt and live debt free. So, just think if your blog were to pop up during a search how much money you’d be making.

Travel Niche

If you love to travel like most of the world, then a travel blog would be perfect for you! When it comes to a travel blog, there are numerous topics to discuss. You could blog about the best places to travel to, luxury hotels to stay at as well as start recording travel vlogs and post them on your blog with a description detailing where you traveled to and the highlights of your trip. According to Keywords Everywhere, the CPC for keywords “travel vloggers” is $5.72, which makes this a great niche for a blog. Plus, there are people who love to live through others by setting and watching strangers travel and go on trips, so this type of blog can make you a killing.

Food and Beverage Niche

Who doesn’t love to eat and drink? If you are a foodie or enjoy getting in the kitchen and creating delicious recipes, then a food and beverage niche blog may just be the blog for you. With this type of blog, you could get in the kitchen and cook up something amazing, take high-quality photos of your food and post it on your blog with the recipe attached. Posts like these are always going viral on Facebook.

People are always searching Google for “healthy recipes blog,” which is why the CPC for such keywords is $3.20. So, there’s plenty of money to be made! Don’t worry if you can’t cook or don’t like to cook, you could be a taste tester and go around to different restaurants and blog about their food. The point is people love to see and hear about good food, so there are so many options when it comes to a food and beverage niche that you could get creative and paid well.

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