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Best AdSense Alternatives

Meet the best AdSense alternatives to monetize websites and generate money for the publisher

Google AdSense is the largest and famous ad network that has been used with many publishers over the years. Here are some ad networks that you can try as an alternative to AdSense

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Ad Networks Alternatives to AdSense Under Consideration for 2020

Adsterra is a premium advertising network serving over 25 billion geo-targeted ad impressions per month. Connecting product and service companies to their audience through smart advertising platforms to raise brand awareness globally, improve ROI, and increase ad revenue.

MonetizeMore outsourced ad operations companies that innovated by focusing on the optimization of ad inventories. MonetizeMore has offered a percentage of the ad revenue increase for premium publishers.

AdMaven has over 10 years of experience as an avant-garde, innovative, digital display advertising network. AdMaven strives to improve CTR and conversion rates for their advertisers and work hard on maximizing the yields for the publishers.

RevenueHits is a self-service Ad Network platform for publishers. Developed, owned and operated by leading ad technology company Intango, RevenueHits is a powerful solution to monetize online property to the fullest.

MGID is a global pioneer in native advertising that provides tailored solutions for advertisers, affiliate marketers, online stores, webmasters, web marketers, brand managers, performance-driven media buyers and publishers on one integrated platform.

Taboola is one of the top sponsored content networks on the Internet. It creates the “Around The Web” and “Recommended For You” boxes at the bottom of many webpages. Taboola provides approximately 450 billion article recommendations each month.

Adcash is a worldwide advertising platform that delivers advertising content to over 200 million unique visitors each day through its network of over 100,000 websites. The core of the business relies on creating bleeding-edge technologies to produce the highest performing ad formats.

Media.net is a leading global advertising company with one of the most comprehensive portfolios of advertising technology in the industry across search, native, display, mobile, local, products and video.

Revcontent is a leading content discovery platform that drives a highly engaged audience through technology and partnerships with some of the world’s largest media brands. These ad formats are quite beneficial to publishers and advertisers alike.

Bidvertiser is an ad network that focuses on banners, pop under and slider advertising for both desktop and mobile. The revenue for publishers is a mix of CPC, CPM and CPA where their propriety ad-server optimizes each ad for maximum revenue in real-time.

Clickadu is a growing ad network that is generating tens of thousands of impressions on a daily basis. They serve advertisers and publishers worldwide and promote their monetization services to publishers as one of the highest converting ad types available.

EvaDav is an AdTech platform focused on the technological advantage of the market of push-notifications. Their expertise in the advertising market that permits them to develop technological solutions both for the advertiser and the publisher.

Adnow is a platform that provides widget-based native ads that publishers can use to monetize their sites. It is the network that offers high RPM rates and they keep improving their product and algorithms and provide the highest possible incomes for both advertisers and publishers.

HilltopAds is one of the global advertising networks with an average global monthly impression of about 12 billion. They provide ad rotation of eCPM’s in real time, network’s referral program, and anti ad blocking solution with no restriction on websites for publishers.

Galaksion is one of the online ad networks that connects advertisers and publishers from all parts of the world. Galaksion provides publishers with a wide variety of traffic monetization methods including CPA, CPL, eCPM, CPM, CPC, CPD, CPI, CPS and many more.

Infolinks is one of the largest advertising networks in the world, that provides ad technology platform and publisher marketplace for global advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers worldwide.

TrafficJunky is an innovative web advertising and digital marketing and is perhaps one of the oldest adult advertising networks. Their platform runs on a pre-paid advertising, self-serve bidding process designed to provide advertisers with ad spaces that meet most of their basic ad requirements.

AdMob is a Google-owned ad network that allows developers and publishers to monetize their mobile apps with relevant ads from a huge inventory of advertisers. Revenue is usually earned on a CPC basis, though there is also some CPM advertising available.

BuySellAds is the ad network that offers publishers the profit through Marketplace, Native Performance Network, and Enterprise solutions. It gives publishers control over revenue decisions by promoting transparent relationships with advertisers.

AdPushup is a revenue optimization platform that is a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) and backed by Microsoft Accelerator. They help publishers increase their advertising revenue using automated A/B testing, header bidding, innovative ad formats, and adblock recovery.

CJ Affiliate was known as Commission Junction is one of the oldest and biggest affiliate networks. With thousands of advertisers and hundreds of thousands of offers, CJ is very popular among bloggers and small Web publishers.

Outbrain is a native advertising company. It uses targeted advertising to recommend articles, slideshows, blog posts, photos or videos to a reader. Some of the content recommended by Outbrain links to the publisher’s own content, while others link to other sites.

Adblade is the largest content-style ad platform that offers a winning combination of innovative proprietary ad units, massive scale, distribution through select top-tier publishers, as well as unique features that give advertisers the confidence they need to launch their brand and direct response campaigns

Airpush is one of the ad networks that offer aggressive monetization methods for mobile app developers and publishers looking to squeeze more revenue. they provide a wide range of monetization options for app developers, including standard in-app banner ads, push notification ads, icon ads, rich media, video, and SmartWall ads.

Sovrn provides advertising tools, technologies, and services to tens of thousands of content creators, helping them make money, grow their businesses, and access a massive data commons that provides extraordinary insights.

Mediavine is a full-service ad management company for content creators. By installing a single script that optimizes all placements on an influencer’s website, Mediavine’s ad technology is future proof and ready to grow with any site.

Conversant is one of the largest advertising networks. This company includes the operations of ValueClick Media (display ads), Commission Junction (affiliate marketing), and a few other companies. It is essentially the old ValueClick network rebranded as a new company.

Mobile 10 is one of the most popular mobile affiliate networks that offer a solution for mobile traffic monetization based on CPA, CPM and revenue share. They provide media buyers and webmasters with effective and simplistic tools to monetize mobile traffic.

Rakuten Linkshare is one of the oldest and the largest affiliate networks that payout on CPA basis for publishers. Linkshare provides powerful features such as rotating banners and customized deep links to any page on advertiser’s site

Admitad is a platform for launching affiliate programs that provide technical and organizational tools to run affiliate programs. Admitad brings together thousands of brands and hundreds of thousands of publishers around the world.

LiveIntent is one of the oldest and largest providers of email monetization solutions based on CPM revenue model for publishers. They offer technology that allows publishers to inject display ads into their emails and also easy integration with the most popular email service providers.

LeadNetwork is one of the biggest finance affiliate networks that offer the highest revenue share.  LeadNetwork also provides excellent 24/7 customer support, marketing resources including email templates, banner ads, social media marketing material and many more.

Leadbit is one of the leading affiliate networks and direct advertising company. Leadbit also offer high commissions and payouts, comprehensive tracking and analytic platform and multiple tools includes a traffic delivery system, banner rotator, global postback and many other.

AdClerks is one of the largest self-serve ad platforms, allowing users to buy & sell online ads on an open marketplace featuring hundreds of vetted sites. The site has a shallow learning curve and any beginner can publish or buy advertising space easily

Amobee is one of the largest communications technology companies in the world, which reaches more than 700 million mobile subscribers in 21 countries. The world’s leading independent advertising platform that unifies all advertising channels across all formats and devices.

AdShop is the latest platform released by the popular advertising network Infolinks. It was designed specifically with the advertiser in mind. With the amount of attention, they had been placing on the publisher’s side of things.

Established as a technological company in 2011, Epom Market has grown into an advertising ecosystem with six advanced solutions. Their mission is to help people deliver advertising across all channels and countries.

Sortable is a broad spectrum platform that helps publishers unify demand partners, data, and tools. It aims to simplify the highly complex processes of publishing while getting more ad revenues.

Cpamatica is an Affiliate network operating in the regions of North America , South America, Europe and Asia that is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Their basic goal is to bring affiliates, advertisers, agencies, and media buyers together into one community and let them grow together.

WOW TRK Affiliate Network focus on lead generation offers. They have a range of competitions, surveys, incentives, finance and gambling offers. Whatever the industry, you will be able to find offers to suit your traffic.

Madrivo is one of the most efficient ways for advertisers to acquire new customers. That’s because they only have to pay when a service or action is delivered. Their highly compliant offers attract many exclusive advertisers from reputable auto, finance, and banking companies.

Amazon Associates offers products from over 1.6 million sellers. And the program boasts hundreds of thousands of affiliate publishers. Amazon Associates pays out on a CPA basis. But unlike other affiliate networks, Amazon Associates only pays on completed sales.

Survata is a fast-growing brand intelligence platform company that brands, agencies and their media partners use to plan, measure and optimize brand marketing, helping them make brand marketing more impactful.

Vertoz provides a variety of real-time information including user behavior, user intent and traffic patterns. By using the manual tools provided as well as Vertoz’s own algorithm, only the most relevant ad campaigns will run on your ad zones.

Admailr help you bring credibility to your email newsletter when you serve premium ads. You are able to maximize the value of your newsletter content with ads from top companies, get the maximum value from your subscribers.

Mspy single-minded team of experts creates exclusive software of the highest quality, to anticipate all possible needs of modern parents in the field of security. mSpy has a strong team of professionals, combined with the idea of the ultimate monitoring tool creation.

Clkim is the URL Shortening, Ad Monetization, and Tracking service that we have all been waiting for. It allows users to get a more in-depth look at who is clicking on their links and it presents them with opportunities to grow their earnings like never before.

AdClerks provides an easy and flexible way to earn money online by selling ad space on your site to the best advertisers. It is a user-friendly platform that does not require any special skills to make the most out of it.

NutriProfits was created by affiliates with many years of experience, with affiliates in mind. They have set their selves the goal of creating a platform with high quality food supplements and cosmetics for people who want to promote products on their own websites or through other available marketing techniques.

Setupad is a monetization platform for publishers. they’ve got a suite of programmatic monetization solutions that have developed in-house to help publishers to increase ad revenue. They use header bidding technology to connect publishers with more than 15 buyers, including Google. Setupad aims to increase publishers’ ad revenue to the maximum.

Ezoic is a platform that includes a wide array of features that are designed to help publishers improve UX and earn more revenue. Ezoic allows publishers to streamline the management of multiple goals while remaining in control of all testing. Offering features for monetization, site speed, and more.

Monumetric (formerly the Blogger Network) Founded in 2012. Monumetric is an excellent ad network with fast-loading ads, multiple sticky unit options, header bidding and excellent customer service. It’s an ad network that pays out on a PPV basis. They have video ads, Ed Exchange ads, header bidding and direct relationships with advertisers.

AdThrive is one of the largest programmatic advertising networks established in 2013. AdThrive is a Google-certified monetization partner that helps publishers with high-quality content increase their advertising revenue. In the summer of 2016, the platform won Google’s Certified Publishing Partner Challenge in the Customer Satisfaction Award category.

Real Content Network offers publishers a native video and content marketplace. Their network currently contains over 1 billion monthly impressions and is used by many leading publishers. Similar to AdSense, they provide a 100% fill rate and even work with direct and programmatic partners to generate better ad revenues for publishers.

Trion Interactives is a leaders in mobile creative technology for display, video, rich media, and interactive executions. Their mission is to provide advertisers and publishers with simple, scalable, and flexible mobile advertising solutions and help publishers maximize ad revenue while serving ads that offer an excellent user experience that isn’t intrusive.

Division-D helps publishers generate ad revenue through a variety of cross-platform ad units with little publisher maintenance and non-intrusive ads. Through their network, you’ll get access to premium advertiser brands, new and innovative ads, high-level traffic monetization, and excellent customer support.

Viewdeos is raising the bar with premium video solutions that offers publishers innovative video experience that matches their own user experience standards and premium video inventory to advertisers. At the same time, Viewdeos making it simple for publishers to generate advertising revenue with an easy to deploy monetizable video inventory model.

Velis Media is one of the leading mobile companies specialized in developing innovative technology to effectively connect quality brands to their desired audience through direct publishers and advanced programmatic solutions in Mobile, Desktop and TV. Their proprietary technology, known as Appolo, empowers premium brands and quality publishers to stay ahead of the game by accurately providing a match between targeted audiences and every given impression in real time.

Brightcom Media is committed to meeting all the publishers’ monetization needs. They advise publishers on inventory decisions, content optimization, and more to increase their ad revenue. Publishers will get access to a multi-channel marketing platform where brand safety is vital. If you’re looking for reliable partnerships, trusted inventory, and programmatic solutions at a global scale.

Primis is an ad network that focuses on video ads and prides itself in delivering them to users at the right time. They focus on providing a great user experience and maximizing RPMs. They utilize in-view native video ads that are fully customizable to fit any ad unit size while recommending additional videos to maximize distribution. Through contextual matching, artificial intelligence, and audience targeting, videos from the Primis video library are selected to deliver the most relevant video ads.

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