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Best AdSense Alternatives

Meet the best AdSense alternatives to monetize websites and generate money for the publisher

Google AdSense is the largest and one of the most simple ad networks for newer publishers that want to start monetizing their website with ads.

Even though AdSense may not be the absolute highest CPM (ad rates), they have pretty accurate targeting with sophisticated filters and automatic placements. 

Did you know you can earn more money from your website with an ad network versus only AdSense?

Here are the main reasons why you should switch from google AdSense now.

1. More Revenue

AdSense alternatives tend to produce more CPMs and can provide you high-level monetization which can double or triple your ad revenue.

Pro Tip: You can run a companion ad network alongside AdSense while staying within the AdSense Terms of Services. This can provide you an additional source of revenue 

2. Less Strict Rules

For AdSense approval, you have to follow various rules and regulations for website approval. Once your account is approved, then there are also various strict rules you have to follow. Google monitors the sites on a regular basis and if they see any problem or any kind of fraud then they will ban your account.

Most alternatives still use Google publishing so you will probably still have to follow these rules. You may find some publishers have different rules.

3. Better Ad customization

Some of the ad networks let you customize your ads according to your WordPress theme which makes the content more natural. You have better control over the customization over the ads in the alternatives as Google doesn't provide you much flexibility. 

4. Minimum Payout

It is the minimum amount of earnings you need to receive a payment. The minimum payout of Google AdSense is $100, which is higher for the owners who have websites with less traffic. Some of the ad networks have less minimum payout, so this becomes the better option for most people

5. Better User Experience

These ad networks provide better user experience.  They provide better publisher control which  enhances the user experience with your site. The AI support provides your readers the best and most relevant ads in real time which produces the premium experience.

6. Great Support

These alternatives provide great support to the publishers. If any problem or issue occur you can ask for their support in their Help Center and they will provide the best support possible.

7. Easy To Set-Up

These ad network alternatives are easy to use and most importantly are very easy to set-up. 

Make sure to vote for your favourite AdSense alternatives given below:

Ad Networks Alternatives to AdSense Under Consideration for 2020

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Here are some ad networks that you can try as an alternative to AdSense. 

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These are some best and most popular alternatives to AdSense.

As we know not all the AdSense alternatives are equal. Here are the 4 points you need to look for while choosing an Ad Network

1. Quality of Ads in the Network

2. Better technologies like Auto optimization,  Good UI,UX, Realtime Bidding, Frequency Capping, etc.

3. Better Pricing Model

4. Better Customer Support/Service

These are the important tips while considering ad alternatives. 

So, which one of the AdSense Alternative you liked the most? Tell us in the comments and vote for your best choice. 


Which is the best AdSense Alternative?

The best AdSense alternative is dependent on various conditions like Best Pricing Model, Best  Ad Quality, Amount of traffic, Better Support, and much more. If the ad network alternative fulfils these conditions then you can decide the best AdSense alternative. You should check all the descriptions of each network alternative to decide which suits you the best.

Can I use other ads with AdSense?

Yes, you can run other ads along with Google Ads but you have to follow some serious guidelines provided by Google 


Is Google AdSense the best?

We can see that there are many alternatives to Google AdSense. Everyone has their own point of view according to their need. Some may like Google AdSense or Some may like the alternatives more.

But overall, Google AdSense is reliable, lightweight, and offer higher CPMs

Is Google AdSense free?

Yes, participation in AdSense is free. 

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