Traffic Junky Review For Publishers

Traffic Junky Inc. is a privately held company that was established in 2008 in Quebec Canada and is perhaps one of the oldest adult advertising networks. They manage several rather highly trafficked “tube” websites with an intelligent and versatile CPM-based advertising model and platform.

By “tube” websites, I refer to several of the most popular porn or adult websites on the web, often with “tube” or related words in their names. E.g. RedTube, YouPorn, Pornhub, and many more.

Their platform runs on a pre-paid advertising, self-serve bidding process designed to provide advertisers with ad spaces that meets most if not all of their basic ad requirements.


Introduction to Traffic Junky

Traffic Junky Ad Network Review

Traffic Junky is arguably one of the leaders in their field. Their main focus industries being the Gambling and Entertainment, Health and Beauty, Sexual Wellness, Adult Dating and Adult Pay sites, and several other industries.

The first thing to note about the industries they cover is that it is a refreshing break from what seems to be the norm for many ad networks who not only exclude potential clients from these industries, baring the Health and Wellness, but are always quick to clamp down on those who might even unknowingly flout their regulations.

Given how rampant this seeming aversion of many ad networks to operate in these industries is, and how they go to great lengths to make these aversions known to publishers and advertisers at every turn, Traffic Junky no doubt must be a welcome breath of fresh air.

Traffic Junky Review For Publishers | Ad network review

This break from the norm is perhaps reason for the seemingly phenomenal success they have had in just nine short years of their existence. The exact success I refer to entails:

  • 65.5 Million Daily Desktop visitors accounting for 481 Million daily page views. 
  • 41.2 Million Daily Mobile visitors accounting for 285 Million daily page views.
  • 12.2 Million Daily Tablet visitors accounting for 70 Million daily page views.

All the above accounting for a stunning 2.2 Billion ad impressions per month.


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Traffic Junky Ad Network review

Considering that they operate in a somewhat largely “ostracized” industry, I think these stats are amazing.

They of course provide everything you would expect of an ad network such as keyword targeting, ISP targeting, frequency capping, time of day ad display, and more.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

What we like the most:

  • Intelligent ad serving and Auto optimization (ads that convert best.)
  • Mobile and on-the-road mobile campaign management via an app.
  • Spot advertising (where your ads should display on site.)
  • Presence of High Availability (HA) Architecture using Synchronous Mirroring (Replication),
    guaranteeing very high up-time.
  • Use of Automatic Failover and Failback technology.
  • Reports: Cost and Impression statistics available within five minutes of your ad being served.

What we liked the least

  • CPM only platform
  • Only Banner ads
  • Top publishers are in the adult entertainment industry. There are many advertisers who would not be thrilled to have their ads displayed on such sites.
  • No Search function in the Help Centre to quickly find what one is looking for in (publisher) account.

Publisher Requirements

  • Publisher Terms:
  • Minimum Traffic: None
  • Prohibited Content: Alcohol, drugs, extreme violence, abuse & rape; weapons & ammunition, hacking/cracking, incentive ads, incentive ads, bots used to generate artificial impressions or clicks, incomplete websites or under construction, any illegal content.

Advertisers and Offers Rating: 4.5 out of 5

  • Offer Type: CPM
  • Advertising Type: Display
  • Verticals: Adult Industry
  • Payments: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, GiroPay, iDeal, Discover, Paxum
  • Minimum deposit. $25
  • Publishers: Premium & Run of Network (RON)

Tech Implementation. Rating: 4 out of 5

  • Creating an Ad Unit: A simple and intuitive process that can be concluded in a few minutes.
  • Display Ad Unit Sizes Available: Desktop and Tablet (315×300, 300×250, 950×250,) Mobile (305×99, 300×250)
  • Implementation Technology: HTML
  • Mobile Ad Units Available: Yes
  • WordPress Plugin Available: No


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Publisher Reporting & Admin Control Panel. Rating: 4 out of 5.

Control Panel:

  • Reporting Interface: The dashboard is clean, easy to navigate and not cluttered as many ad networks’ control panel I have seen.Adding your sites is easy and is complete with a few clicks. After which each site that has been verified and approved contains all the normal information that you would want to know regarding the ads being displayed on your site such as:
    • The total impressions being served to the site
    • How many spots ads are being served to on the site and the impression count and revenue from each spot on the site.
  • Reporting: They have a very uncluttered reporting interface. Showing you your:
    • Payment period
    • Impressions revenue
    • Total Payout
    • Any modifications made to your account in the form of additions of subtractions, such as bonuses added, credits, promos etc.

Publisher Payment. Rating: 3 out of 5.

  • Publisher’s Share of Revenue: 60/40. Publisher/Traffic Junky.
  • Payment Methods Available: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Paxum.
  • Minimum Payout: Paxum: $50, International & US Wire Transfer: $500, PayPal: $100, Payoneer: $50
  • Payout Frequency: Bi-Weekly.

Account Help Rating: 5 out of 5.

  • FAQ Page:
  • Personal Account Manager: Yes
  • Easy to Contact Support: Yes. Live Chat, Skype and e-mail available. Including phone number for technical support and billing issues.


What are the Traffic Junky publisher requirements? 

Traffic Junky does not have any publisher traffic requirements.  They do however manually approve all websites and reserve the right to approve or deny websites.  They do not allow sites with content including alcohol, drugs, extreme violence, abuse & rape; weapons & ammunition, hacking/cracking, incentive ads, incentive ads, bots used to generate artificial impressions or clicks, incomplete websites or under construction, any illegal content.  You must comply with their rules and regulations.

What does Traffic Junky charge? 

The pricing for publishers of Traffic Junky is a revenue share model.  The split is 60/40%. As a publisher you keep 60% of the ad revenues and traffic junky charges 40%.

What are the Traffic Junky payment methods? 

Traffic Junky pays it’s publishers by paypal, paxum and wire transfer with NET7 terms with varying payment balance minimums. 

What is the Traffic Junky Minimum payment threshold?

Traffic Junky offers one of the lower payment terms with payments every Wednesday.  The paypal payment minimum is $100; for Paxum the minimum balance is $50; for wire transfer the minimum balance is $1,000.

Simple steps to get started as a publisher on Traffic Junky

  • Ad Spot: you can start by monetizing all your ad spaces or selected with traffic junky’s ads since they are providing any kinds of ad formats. 
  •  Stats And Revenue: from your publisher’s dashboard, you can see the stats of your ads and the amount of your earning
  •  Monetize Solution: Traffic Junky supports publishers by offering a vast variety of effective ad formats in all popular sizes.

Editor’s Traffic Junky for Publishers Review

After extensively using their platform, doing a lot of independent research on them, asking them a lot of questions and more, I can convincingly say that Traffic Junky is an ad network worth giving a try, provided you are comfortable the industry they operate in.

They are undoubtedly a leader in their vertical and it is a safe assumption to make that any company that is a leader in their industry didn’t become one by chance, but because they have earned the trust and respect of many of their clients and peers.

Final Thoughts

That Traffic Junky has been around for eight years is perhaps testament to their “realness.” It is almost certain that any ad network that is not up to scratch and has any iota of an inkling of being a scam network can never last this long, because word gets around very fast abut scam networks, and just a few negative reviews are enough to ruin an ad network.

I am pleased to say that after several days of scouring the web, I can say that there is little to no mention of the word scam in relation to their name.