Setupad Review – Header Bidding For Publishers

Setupad is a header bidding and monetization platform for website owners that specializes in programmatic ads. They help publishers increase their ad revenues with their proprietary technologies.  

In fact, they have an entire suite of optimization services for publishers, including mobile site development, content recommendations, AdBlock monetization, and publisher marketing campaigns.  

Here is what you need to know about the Setupad Ad Network


Setupad was created more than five years ago and has a team of 19+ header bidding ninjas. They have an innovative team with offices in Latvia, Lithuania, and Spain.

Their team of professionals will help choose the best performing ad sizes and formats with a customized, one-on-one solution best suited for your site.  

You can see dozens of reviews from some of the top European publishers whose revenues increased from 30% - 300% after partnering with Setupad. For sites that were only using AdSense, the increase is even more significant. This is because their header bidding wrapper connects publishers to the top 15 SSPs, including Google.

Setupad Company Stats

Setupad Support & Contact Information

  • Address: Kronvalda bulvāris 4, "Techhub", Riga, Latvia,
  • Contact Support: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: +371 29127951

Setupad Technology For Publishers

Once you have been approved and gone through the initial onboarding process, the implementation is quite easy. This is because Setupad uses a tag-based solution on your ad server to start serving ads. You do not need to paste anything into your source code or have a developer make changes.  

This tag connects you with the top 15 SSP (including Google) that will start buying your ad inventory as soon as the tag is implemented. 

Setupad has three main products that they offer to the publishers:

  1. Header Bidding Wrapper - For websites with > 500k monthly visits. You can implement this tag-based solution on your ad server. It has real-time statistics and can monetize 100% of your inventory for the highest CPM. 
  2. Header Bidding SaaS - a more advanced wrapper software for publishers with > 50+ Million monthly visits. This product takes into account revenue streams from direct sales and existing programmatic connections. And it allows publishers to earn by a flat CPM fee instead of revenue share on the total amount. 
  3. Setupad SSP Adapter - This aggregates unique demand that can be directed into a publisher's in-house wrapper solution. This is a far more advanced solution that provides additional demand from SSPs and DSPs connected on a server to server level.

Publisher Features 

Within the main products (as mentioned above) the Setupad team does have many custom benefits that they provide for all of their publishers. This includes:

  1. Mobile Site Development - Most publisher's mobile traffic far exceeds desktop users, making it necessary to have an extremely fast loading and optimized mobile site. Setupad will create a custom mobile version to increase your overall website ad revenue. 

  2. AdBlock Monetization - 10-40% of your visitors are using AdBlock; it is essential to recover this revenue. Setupad runs non intrusive formats designed to show ads to these visitors.

  3. Content Recommendations - A widget that enables publishers to start earning with native advertising; it is integrated within recommended posts. 

  4. Publisher Marketing Campaigns - Advertise your business through Setupad network with display ads and get more visitors to your website.

Reporting Interface 

Setupads interface

After your website is validated, you'll receive your login details for the Setupad reporting system. The admin panel is simple, yet advanced all at once. You can see in real-time how much ad revenue your making based on ad requests, impressions, average eCPM, fill rates, and real-time statistics for the last 30 minutes.

Real-time reporting helps to monitor recent changes on the publisher's website. When a publisher chooses a header bidding partner, it is crucial to have robust reporting, and it looks like the void is filled with their technology.

Besides reporting interface, Setupad also offers its clients a plugin that allows them to easily track how banners are performing on their website. It is an overlay on Setupad banners, and it contains header bidding auction information, has a historic statistics tool, and allows to report unwanted ads.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods: Bank transfer or PayPal

Minimum Payment: €100

Payment Schedule: 60 days for the first payment, after that every 30 days if the amount exceeds €100.

Publisher Requirements

If your website content is legal and you want to increase your revenue and not just depend on Adsense, you should consider partnering with a company that has a developed header bidding solution and has some experience in this field. Setupad has some requirements for you to get started:

  • Website must be compliant with the Setupad quality policy
  • Must have significant traffic (100K+ visitors per month) 
  • Must agree to paste our ads.txt onto your website and use all Setupad demand sources, including Google

Majority of large and leading SSPs (Supply Side Platforms or simple Ad Exchanges) require a minimum amount of monthly requests that are close to 100million, not to mention some of these SSPs are very expensive for the publisher to have. For a small publisher, this is unreachable, but companies such as Setupad have a solution that allows them to add these high-quality buyers and earn you more advertising revenue. They have more than 15+ international high grossing SSPS that can help anyone monetize their website to its full potential.

Pros of using Setupad for publisher

  • Personal account manager and individual optimization for each website.
  • Increase in revenue guaranteed 30%-300% – really depends on the website, visitor geo-locations, and traffic sources.
  • Banner, video, and native advertising formats.
  • Already have big publishers using their solutions.
  • A lot of SSPs in a smartly created Header Bidding.
  • Supports many different types of ad banners, such as stickies, anchor ads, AMP ads, lazy load, and more.
  • Always up to date with the industry standards.

Cons Of using Setupad

  • Minimum payout €100 (euro)
  • Only works on a CPM model. 
  • Newer and smaller sized company

Editor’s Review

If you are looking for an innovative heading bidding company, then is a great partner for websites with substantial amounts of traffic. Since they do not charge any fees for their services, only through revenue splits, they are a great partner in you achieving the most ad revenues possible. 

Setupad header bidding technology won't affect your website's loading speed, as Setupad has a one-second timeout by default, and typically, the auction ends within 400ms.

FAQ Schema

What are the Setupad minimum requirements for publishers?

To join Setupad, Publishers need to meet some requirements, including: 

  • The website must be compliant with the Setupad quality policy, 
  • The website has to have at least 100K+ monthly visits,
  • Must agree to paste their ads.txt onto the site and use all Setupad demand sources, including Google.

What is the setupad minimum payment threshold?

Setupad offers the first payment after 60 days. Further payments are made every 30 days if the minimum threshold of €100 is reached. Otherwise, Setupad adds these earnings to the next month.

Do the publishers need to have a contract with setupad?

Yes, Setupad has a contract with publishers that covers their security and the publisher’s security. Publishers will receive the contract when both sides have agreed on a test period.