Roller Ads Push Notification Network Review

Did you know that the average consumer sees between 5,000-10,000 ads each day? Just think about all of the different advertisements you see daily. From searching products on Google, scrolling facebook or IG, Youtube, influencers to traditional advertising like TV, Radio, Billboards. It’s a little intimidating for marketers to get clients attention. 

Let’s dive a little deeper.  Of these 5,000+ ads that you interacted with today, which company or services are at the top of your mind right now? Did any get your attention long enough to leave that lasting impression?  

Marketers need to adapt to the avalanche of customer ads and find a way to stand out from the competition to get the eyeballs of the consumer. But luckily for you and the other top affiliate marketers there are push notification services and a huge opportunity to capitalize from this before it becomes saturated. 

Now wait, before you look down at your phone right now just think about what would be on your screen?  Do you have a facebook comment or like? Do you have a text message?   

There is no doubt that push notifications appearing on your phone or computer screen have far higher and faster engagement times. But most customers and marketers do not know that you can promote this instant notification style message with your product or service. 

That’s what makes this form of advertising pure gold at this time.

This is what Roller Ads does with their Push Notification services, so you can hire them to send out these direct messages to millions of targeted customers with advanced targeting preferences who have opted in for this service.  

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What Are Push Notifications? 

There are 2 different types of push notifications mobile and desktop browser.  You receive mobile push notification on your phone to your locking screen or appear on the top banner. These notifications can appear as alerts, reminders, or promotions that you usually downloaded when first got your phone or subscribed to a website.  

How do customers get subscribed to these push notifications? 

You will definitely be familiar with how customers get subscribed.  You know when you visit a website and you see the popup “your website wants to send you notifications” with an options to allow or block? This is how you get subscribed for these notifications.  

If you are one of the millions of people that do click yes to subscribe, you get added to a contact list and have opted to receive notifications from sellers.  

Both browser and mobile push notifications can send an image, text (headline), and link that directs to your landing page and can follow up as part of your funnel.  

These messages are highly engaging and have many benefits including:

  1. High Open Rates (CTR) - How many times do you get one of these direct notifications appear on your phone home screen and not look at it?  

  2. Fast Response Time - Most people check their phones every few moments, resulting in highly engaged and fast users. 

  3. Simple & Convenient - You can choose many different formats to easily allow A/B testing for text / images.

  4. Low Cost & Instant Delivery - Unlike SEO or other activities you know within an hour how effective your campaign will be because of engagement.  

What is Roller Ads?

The team at Roller Ads saw and experienced the benefits of Push notifications with one of their other ad network and tracking companies, Kavinga.  This inspired them to launch their own independent and specialized company in September 2019.  They so far have 15+ team members and are in the process of scaling to the demand.   

It had been a few years in the works, but they were upset with other platforms and tracking abilities.This was the main reason why they wanted to build their own company, with an advanced anti-fraud system and unique optimization platform. 

Their self serving platform is simple, yet advanced with advanced targeting and tracking tools to make sure you get the most out of every click. They work with both publishers looking to make more from their traffic as well as advertisers wanting to reach the larger market.

Roller Ads Benefits

Company Info

Roller Ads Team

Advantages for Advertisers

RollerAds has built a highly advanced Self-Service Platform (DSP) with many advanced features. Unliked other push notification networks. It just takes a few moments with automatic approval to set up an account, and their intuitive campaign builder guides you through the entire process.  

Initially you will notice how easy it was to set up and use their advanced targeting options. 

You can target ads by: 

  • white list / blacklist campaigns
  • subscription age
  • OS version
  • GEO
  • zones  

Targeting options

Control your campaign results in details and discover which ad channels are the most valuable for your business. Roller Ads offers 16 tracking macros to optimize your campaigns and boost ad performance!

Control your spendings within daily and total budget and adjust easily if needed.

Roller Ads Spend

You can see the CPM rates up front. You can bid starting from $.0003 a click depending on the country. I was excited to see such a presence in the latin american markets (especially Brazil).

Roller Ads CPC

Advantages For Publishers

Not only is push notification advertising very effective for advertisers, but because it works so well, advertisers are willing to pay more per click. This results in additional revenue for publishers. The admin panel is very straight forward, super easy to set up, and allows numerous different ways to withdrawal including wire transfer, payoneer, paypal, and more.  


Advantages of Roller Ads 

  • Low minimum deposit ($50) ad payout ($100) 
  • CPC Model ensures you only pay for clicks 
  • 70% revenue goes to publishers 
  • Advanced anti-fraud and bot suppression 
  • Very low minimum bids with many geos 
  • Includes creative library & industry benchmark 
  • Easy to setup campaigns or install as a publisher 

Payment Details

Disadvantages Of Roller Ads

  • Currently the only pricing option is CPC. CPM option will be introduced alongside with new advertising formats, but CPC is very standard for industry. .
  • Not suitable for all publishers, as many offer include gaming, adult, dating, health (etc).

Payment Details

  • Pricing Model: CPC
  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • Min CPC: $0.003
  • Payment Methods for Advertisers: Wire Transfer, Credit card, Capitalist, WebMoney
  • Payment Frequency for publishers: NET 30
  • Minimum payout: $100
  • Withdrawal Methods: ePayments, WebMoney and Bank wire transfer

Editors Notes 

Even though RollerAds is a newer network, it is something that the team was working on for many years and already had advanced ad tech software with anti-fraud technologies. Their technology and systems speak for itself, once you log in you see how easy it is to use. You can tell that this was a system built by affiliates… for affiliates.  

RollerAds guarantees no bots and that it is real clicks. The best thing with Roller Ads is that it has such low minimums to get started and you can see immediate results because engagement from push notifications is almost instant. 

To see more and set up your free account click here to get started with Push Advertising! 

P.S. use promocode MonetizeRoller10 for additional 10% on deposits!