PopTM Review for Publishers

PopTM is no longer active or acquired by another ad network

PopTM ReviewIntroduction to PopTM

PopTM is a relatively new pop-under advertising network that is making big waves with publishers and advertisers alike.

So what exactly is pop-under advertising? It’s sort of like a less-interruptive form of pop-up advertising. Instead of opening a new window on top of the active window, pop-under opens a new window under the active window.

The new window doesn’t affect the user’s web browsing in any way. In fact, they won’t even know it’s there until they close the covering window. This heightens the ad’s effectiveness as users won’t immediately click out of it like a pop-up. Most pop-under ads successfully make it through AdBlock as well.

Now back to PopTM. The service takes the pop-under method of advertising discussed above to all new levels. Publishers are able to boost revenue by up to 100% while advertisers are able to more easily reach their targeted audiences with a variety of robust targeting features.

In general, both publishers and advertisers find PopTM hard to beat. The advertisements are of the highest quality possible. The company is committed to checking all of their ads multiple times per day to prevent spam.

Best of all, PopTM is open to the vast majority of websites. Even niche websites, including those with adult content, qualify for the service as long as they are legal. The ads placed by the PopTM network bypass more than 90% of AdBlock plugins, enabling you to reach an even greater audience.

Sound like something that could benefit your business? We assure you that it is. Keep on reading our in-depth review of PopTM below for more information on this new pop-under advertising network.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

  • What We Like: High payouts, daily payouts, consistent performance, zone based statistics, excellent customer service, user friendly interface
  • What We Don’t Like: Small technical issues and bugs with earnings and impressions. Luckily, the technical support team is quick to fix these. We suspect they’ll be sorted out in due time.

Publisher Requirements

  • Publisher Terms: http://poptm.com/terms-and-conditions
  • Traffic Minimum: None.
  • Websites Accepted: Most websites are accepted, including those containing adult content, as long as all content and activities are legal. Furthermore, accounts will be canceled due to fraudulent activities including VPN traffic, Proxy Traffic, Buying Traffic, and Auto-Generated Traffic.

Advertisers & Offers

  • Quick campaign approval.
  • Minimum deposit of $10.00.
  • Advanced fraud detection.
  • Target audience by country, category, OS, Alexa Toolbar, and more.
  • Dedicated account manager for 24/7 help and support.

Tech Implementation

PopTM Tech Implementation Rating: 4 out of 5.

An advanced “Rotating Code Technique” is used to bypass ad blocks. An encrypted PHP scrip is linked to dummy sub-domains generated by the POPTM server. These dummy sub-domains are changed once every hour.

According to PopTM, over 50% of American web users use ad block software. They insinuate that this means your website is losing up to 50% of profits. Because their advertisements bypass ad block, you now have the chance to crank up your profits by 50%. PopTM goes on to assure users that their ads bypass AdBlock 99.9% of the time.

Publisher Reporting & Admin Control Panel

PopTM Publisher Reporting & Admin Control Panel Rating: 5 out of 5.

  • Control Panel: The control panel on PopTM is basic. Yet it’s this simplicity that makes it so effective. The entire control panel and interface is user-friendly. The service takes only a few minutes to learn to use and all of the information is displayed intuitively. The design of the PopTM control panel allows you to navigate through all of the features and tools efficiently.
  • Reporting: Simple reporting is one of the highlights of PopTM. Though there have been some minor bugs in the past, reporting is simple and straightforward for the most part. There is barely any lag-time with stats being updated every few minutes. These reports are broken down by zone so you can see exactly how your campaign is doing. A number of other tools are available to break down your earnings by almost any metric you can think of.


PopTM Payment Rating: 5 out of 5.

  • Publisher’s Share of Revenue: 95%.
  • Payment Methods Available: PayPal.
  • Minimum Payment Threshold: $10
  • Payments can be requested up to 5 times per day.
  • 10% extra eCPM if your visitors have Alexa Toolbar installed.

Account Help

  • PopTM Account Help Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • Knowledge Base URL: http://poptm.com/frequently-asked-questions
  • Personal Account Manager: Yes.
  • Easy to Contact Support: Yes. Contact by email at [email protected] for 24/7 assistance. Live text chat and Skype support also available.

PopTM provides remarkable customer support for such a small company. In addition to 24/7 email support, each customer works with a dedicated account manager. Your personal manager helps ensure that all systems are running smoothly.

Live text chat is available during business hours through the website. Live Skype support is also available if requested.

Though PopTM doesn’t provide an extensive knowledge base, their FAQ page is a good place to start. It answers basic questions for those wondering if PopTM is the right service for them.

Editor’s PopTM Review

As a relative newcomer to the pop-under advertising scene, PopTM has yet to reach a wide audience. Yet it’s popularity is growing quickly as those that have used it have few negatives things to say about the experience.

The PopTM platform is fully-loaded with features. The variety of features leads to a very versatile advertising experience. Though not yet quite as fine-tuned as other pop-under advertising services, the features that PopTM does offer show signs of great things to come.

PopTM works with top advertisers from across all industries. They are very selective with who they work with. They ensure that all the ads they place are high paying and 100% clean. The landing pages of all ads are checked multiple times per day to avoid spam.

Simply put, PopTM doesn’t take any unnecessary chances. Though unafraid to experiment, the company knows that reputability is key. This makes them one of the most reliable pop-under advertising services for publishers and advertisers alike.

PopTM appeals to a wide variety of niches. In fact, almost all legal websites are eligible to use the service. Even adult websites can use the service as long as all the content and traffic is legal.

A unique bidding system is used to ensure the highest possible rates. On top of this, publishers receive 95% of revenue. This is a much higher revenue rate than is promised by the bulk of other pop-under advertising services. Also of note, PopTM adds an additional 10% eCPM if your visitors have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers.

PopTM utilizes an advanced technique to thwart ad block plugins. According to the company, this makes them capable of bypassing more than 90% of ad blockers. A rotating code guarantees that your ad beats these ad blockers not only once, but every single time.

Another huge plus of the PopTM experience is their fast approval time. It takes less than one day, often only a couple hours, for your website to get approved. Low minimum payouts, daily payments, and real-time zone based stats are other important features.

PopTM for Advertisers

Advertisers love PopTM because it’s a stellar mix of low prices and high results. It’s a highly effective platform no matter how you look at it. Case in point, the minimum cost per visitor sits at only $0.001. Need even cheaper traffic? Contact the 24/7 PopTM support team to work out an even better deal.

$10 is the minimum deposit amount with PopTM. This is one of the highlights of the PopTM experience. Most other advertisers require much higher deposits when you’re just starting. The low $10 cost gives even the smallest advertisers a chance to effectively promote their small businesses without breaking the bank.

The PopTM approval time for advertisers is just as fast as it is for publishers. As long as campaigns meet all of the guidelines, they’ll be approved within one hour. Once again, this is thanks to the 24/7 support team’s hard work.

A strong characteristic of PopTM is their global appeal. They work with both publishers and advertisers from around the world. You can confidently promote your company no matter your geographic location. Geo targeting and optimization allows you to get the highest return on your investments possible.

Finally, PopTM provides a simple and easy refund policy. You can cancel your campaign at any time if you feel it isn’t meeting your expecations. You can then request a refund for any unspent amount.

Pros of Using PopTM

The pros of using PopTM are numerous. They include quick sign up and approval, consistent performance, intensive stats reporting system, smart payment options, and outstanding customer support. We look at each of these pros in more detail below:

  • Quick Sign Up & Approval: All it takes to sign up with PopTM is to complete a short registration form. Your submission will then be reviewed by the 24/7 support team. If you qualify (and there’s almost no denying you will), an activation email is then sent to your registered email account.

Activate your account by clicking the activation link. You can then log into your account and submit your website for approval. Once approved, you can start in on the pop-under advertising process.

As mentioned above, sign up and approval is quick. In our case, our website was approved in under one hour. This is thanks to their 24/7 support team.

  • Consistent Performance: PopTM is dedicated to quality. And nowhere does this standout more brightly than their consistent performance. Case in point: your ads will outwit ad blockers over 90% of the time. The company’s rotating ad code is to thank for this.
  • Intensive Stats Reporting System: There is no way to measure a campaign’s success without accurate and up-to-date reporting. Luckily, PopTM has you covered. Stats are reported in near real-time with only a few seconds of delay.
  • Smart Payment Options – PopTM makes earning money easy. A minimum payout of $10.00 is backed by daily payment processing. In fact, the company usually pays out within 3 hours of a payment request.

Though PayPal is currently the only payment method, PopTM hopes to add Paxum and Wire Transfer to their payment options in the near future.

Finally, a referral program lets users net an addition 10% commission.

  • Outstanding Customer Support: If there’s one thing we love about PopTM, it’s their outstanding customer support. We were wowed time after time again at their availability. Seriously though, you can contact them anytime of the day or night for help.

Cons of Using PopTM

In all honestly, there aren’t very many cons to using PopTM. But like even the best of companies, there are a few areas where they can improve.

Chief among these is with small technical issues and bugs. The service is still so new that small difficulties sometimes arise during use. These generally relate to the statistics reporting side of the business.

Fortunately, the great customer support team at PopTM strikes again. If you do experience a bug, they’ll be able to help you sort things out in short order. In addition, the talented technical team is working hard to sort out all issues. Rest assured that any and all technical issues will be sorted out in the near future.

Final Thoughts

Pop-under advertising isn’t for everyone, but it certainly does benefit a wide variety of online businesses and websites. And while there are a lot of different services to choose from, PopTM is one of the absolute best available.

Though the company is still working out minor kinks, its overall success speaks for itself. Users of PopTM swear by the company for all their pop-under advertising needs.

If you’re thinking about incorporating a pop-under ad campaign into your overall business plan, then PopTM is worth checking out. Click here to get started now!

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