NutriProfits Review – Best Health Affiliate CPA Network

NutriProfits is one the fastest growing affiliate networks in Europe that is solely focused on health and beauty niches. Since launching in 2013, they have expanded into more than 100 countries with many exclusive european offers. 

They work with some of the most sought after brands in the health industry. They are one of the only companies I have ever seen offering lifetime cookies. 

One thing I noticed is that they focus on quality over quantity with their offers. At the time of writing this they only have about 40 offers on their site. However they are very high quality offers providing better customer satisfaction. 

NutriProfits is a good option for those in the eCommerce industry. They are a good option for high commission (20-40%) with additional 10-20% follow up for all returning customers. 

Here is what you need to know about NutriProfits in today's Ad Network Review.

What is NutriProfits 

NutriProfits was established in 2013 with a goal of creating a platform with the highest quality supplements for affiliates in the health and beauty niches. It is apparent from the moment that you log into their dashboard that it is a system built by affiliates, for affiliates. One of the benefits that sets them apart is that they provide lifetime cookies. 

They are one of the few CPA (cost per acquisition) networks focused primarily on these types of offers. Even if you are new to affiliate marketing, you can reach out to their support team. Their support will give tips on building and the best strategies to promote the offers.  

All you need to do is bring the traffic and the team at NutriProfits takes care of the rest. The company has their own internally made web pages for your use. You can easily use and adapt to your promotional needs.

They are very active in the affiliate marketing community and can find them at many of the top shows including:

  •  Affiliate World
  • CPA life
  • Affiliate Expo
  • the legendary Affiliate Summit

NutriProfits Company Stats

NutriProfits Support & Contact Information

  • Address: NuviaLab Limited, Kimonos 40 3095 Limassol, Cyprus
  • Affiliate support: [email protected]
  • Personal Account Manager: Yes
  • Easy to Contact Support: Yes, they have a contact form and support email address

NutriProfits Offers

What type of offers can you expect from NutriProftis? 

Here are some of the examples and types of commissions you can make with NutriProfits. This is a screenshot taken with a few of the offers that currently have and countries available on the website.  

The categories you can choose from are the traditional beauty and health categories include:

  • Acne
  • anti aging
  • Bodybuilding
  • beast enhancements
  • hair loss
  • joint health
  • Sleep
  • sorning
  • weight loss 

Whats better? They have an instant approval. To get more detailed information on their offers,  you can sign up here and see for yourself. They have no fees and do not cost anything to look at. 

Once inside, you can click on each one of the offers for a more detailed view. Each offer will shows you analysis and insights of conversion rates and average commissions. It is such a simple interface that even noobs will have no problem with. 

From here you can choose your affiliate link per country, or even click on the subpages to directly link to the order page if you want to have more control from your website. This way they are really handling everything you need to fulfill the order. 

Promotional Resources 

One thing that blew me away with the resources with the quality of the landing pages and banners available! 

Here is a screenshot from the above the fold section for their highly converting profolan offer. 

This page is so well designed, if you do decide to buy from it please make sure to message me and I can send you an affiliate link lol. 

They have all types of promotion material and banners for all geos and languages. 

Here is a screenshot with a few of the different banner sizes: 

WIth both Amateur and professional images that you can use for your blog or website.

I really like how they categorize it from Amateur and Professional. The amateur photos look like something you did at home

You can find all the necessary promotional materials and technical documentation in the affiliate panel. 

However, you cannot copy the content of the websites of the product manufacturers. It is better to create your own content with your unique and interesting point of view

Reporting Interface 

I have noticed their reporting system is very user friendly. The main reports come down from the dropdown.  So you don’t have to look through different report sections or filters to find the most important information. 

The main reports include: 

  • Summary
  • Offers
  • Sites
  • Chargebacks
  • Tags 

It even goes deeper into analyzing your referring traffic sources, showing your conversion rate and payout. 

Even though these do not integrate directly into some API look Google Adwords, Facebook, or Taboola, you can manually calculate your costs and drop the campaigns and offers not showing a positive ROI. 

Tracking Technology 

NutriProfits provides affiliates a lifetime cookie tracking.  In the world of affiliates, this is huge.  

If a customer clicks on your affiliate link but decides to make a purchase in the future, you will still receive a commission.  As long as the customer has not cleared their cookies.

The tracking system works seamlessly on all devices. Therefore, it does not matter whether the customer clicks on and purchases from a computer, tablet, smartphone or other devices. 

They pride themselves on the best tracking technologies ensuring you get paid for the sales you bring in. 

Payment Methods

Payment Methods: Bank transfer, ePayments, and Paxum

Minimum Payment: EUR 100 or GBP 80 or USD 120 or PLN 400

Payment Schedule: every 21st each month

Affiliate Requirements 

Even though you can instantly sign up and see the offers, Nutriprofits has higher levels of traffic for their affiliates and monitors this with your chargebacks on a regular basis.  

Some techniques that are prohibited by NutriProfits involving spam, and it includes:

  • send emails to recipients who have not expressed their consent to receive marketing communication from partner
  • spamming forums and blogs
  • spamming mobile phones

When illicit marketing techniques are detected, your Partner account will be immediately closed and accumulated fees will not be paid out. If actions of NutriProfits Partner cause any financial loss on the part of NutriProfits, Partner will be charged with these costs.

NutriProfits encourages their affiliates to promote the products in any marketing strategy the affiliates see fit for them. However, there are s

Prof Of Using NutriProfits:

  • High Commission: NutriProfits gives 20% - 40% of the commission for each sale, where many affiliate programs only offer 20% of the commission. 
  • Lifetime cookies: NutriProfits offer a lifetime cookie with no expiry date, while many other affiliate programs provide a 30-day cookie. That means, whenever the customers make their purchases, you’ll receive a commission as well.
  • Customer Support: you will have access to all the necessary materials to start promoting NutriProfit’s products. They will regularly inform you about news, traffic trends and sales via email. You also have an account manager that will help you if you have any questions.
  • Highly potent products: Highly targeted products offered by the program allow to obtain high conversion rates, provided that they are targeted to a specific target group.

Cons Of Using NutriProfits:

  • Limited payment methods for publishers looking to get paid in Paypal or BTC.  This is something they are currently working on. 

Editor’s Review

NutriProfits affiliate program offers the best and most sought-after brand names in the Health and Beauty category. The products available in NutriProfits offer the highest effectiveness and best quality, which guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction and high earnings for affiliates.

The program is absolutely free to join and participate. You can promote their health offers globally to many countries including; UK, USA, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden and many more. Different products can be promoted in different countries, some can be promoted in many regions, others are limited to a handful of countries.

One of my favorite features, is that they provide affiliates with a lifetime cookie tracking. This means if someone doesn't clear their cookies from their device then in theory they could click on your link and purchase something a couple of years later and you'd still get commission.

You don't have to own a website to promote the product offers, you can use social media if you have popular profiles with large amounts of followers.  Or even take advantage of the built in landing offer landing pages.

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What is the NutriProfits Affiliate Program?

NutriProfits is an affiliate program that offers the opportunity to earn money online by selling high-quality health & beauty products to customers. The program is absolutely free to join and participate.

What are the NutriProfits Affiliate minimum requirements?

In order to join NutriProfits affiliate program, there is no specific requirement needed. Only by filling in the registration form, which is then transmitted to the administrator of website

What are the NutriProfits payment methods? 

The NutriProfits offer 3 payment methods including Bank Transfer, ePayments, and Paxum. You can choose whatever methods you see fits with you

What is the NutriProfits minimum payment threshold?

There are several minimum thresholds for NutriProfits according to the currency. To be able to withdraw funds, your account balance must exceed EUR 100 or GBP 80 or USD 120 or PLN 400.