Next Millennium Media Ad Network Review

Founded in 2012, Next Millennium Media (NMM) is a digital advertising company that specializes in programmatic ads for larger websites.

There is no shortage of Ad Networks available for you to choose from.  

But let’s face it, some of the technology in those ad networks dates back to when they were founded in the mid 2000’s.   

Technology has transformed a lot since then.  Especially ad tech.   

Next Millennium Media Ad Network is at the forefront of cutting edge technologies.  Even their company name gives you that impression.   

Their vision is to transform the way publishers and advertisers connect in the digital ad industry with their cutting edge technologies.  

However, cool tech means nothing if the network doesn’t have deep resources of both publishers and advertisers. Next Millennium has handpicked publishers and an advertiser network they have developed over the years. This allows them to be able to advertise 100% viewable ads for their clients for optimal performance.  

We will go through what it will take to become one of their hand picked publishers.  

For this Ad Network review we are going to go a bit deeper into the technologies behind Next Millennium Media. 

Introduction to NMM 

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Even though there isn't too much online about this company, they are starting to leave a large footprint on the digital advertising industry. 

They caught my attention lately seeing an article on Crunch base about their rapid growth and recently moving into a second New York Office. 

Also I had noticed their name showing up in the Ad Tech Insights Q2’20 Report by Adzerk on some of the top Header Bidding companies. 

Their team has rapidly grown to 35  team members with 2 offices in NewYork. One is in the World Trade Center, and other in a large location in New Jersey so with room to grow.  

They are not too big that they do not know their clients.  And they pride themselves on their personal relationships with their clients and partners. That personal relationship is not a benefit you will find with every ad network where you practically never talk to the same person twice.

Their nimbal company structure also allows them to have cutting edge technologies to rival larger companies. 

Company Stats & Contact Info


Company Founded: 2012

Employee Count: 35

Offer types: CPM,CPA, CPC CPM

Minimum Traffic Million monthly page views

Mobile Units Yes

Number of Publishers (network size) 500+

Contact & Support Information 

Support Contact: [email protected] 

Contact Number: 212-727-0006


BBB Accreditation:

Address: 135 Chestnut Ridge Road, Montvale, New Jersey 07645

Address: One World Trade Center, Suite 8506, New York, NY 10007-0089

For Publishers

Not all websites or niches are the same, neither should your monetization strategies. 

This is why NMM digital ad strategists work with you on a more personal basis for a customized approach. 

This is apparent in the reviews they have received from clients delivertying typically higher revenues with their custom solutions.

A well run company generally will provide better and quicker service.  So don’t under estimate the benefits of the strategies and systems that the team at NMM have fined tuned over the years. 

One of my favorite technologies and a must-have for ad strategies of 2020 is video. They really focus on video and are apparent with their video player framework. It is all about showing the most relevant ads to the right audiences at the right time. 

The next important technology is reporting.  Without detailed reporting, you cannot know what content, pages or ads perform the best to fine tune from there. 

The launch of their new reporting system is quite impressive. 

 The reporting system has many of the typical features of most ad networks for the dashboard such as analytics and revenue comparisons with some extras. You can see a few of the screenshots below where I get into more detail.  

What really makes them stand out is the specific reports you can pull.  Report types include: 

  •  types of ads
  • Traffic
  • demand sources
  • Sites
  • Pages

By continually optimizing these metrics you will be able to get top dollar for your ad investing. resulting in a better user experience. 

For Advertisers 

What is the biggest problem that advertisers are facing at the time of writing this in 2020?  

The rise of Ad Fraud. 

For those with larger advertising budgets this becomes very overwhelming. It is something that is very difficult to do in house.  It’s a good idea to work with an Ad Network, like Next Millennium Media to keep you compliant and reduce ad fraud.  

Their programmatic tools and demand side platform (DSP) help automate the decision making process to consistently target the target audience with the most relevant ads.

But it is one thing just to have cutting edge technologies, it is another thing to know how to use them correctly. 

You need to continually monitor (in real time) the data to improve. Testing and providing unlimited creative options, formats, and channels helps provide the best possible audiences for your campaigns. 

All of this described above are some of the core attributes of the media buying solutions NMM offers. They rigorously monitor (in real time) data to continuously improve results. That in turn lowers costs. There are so many different platforms, devices, and ways to engage with your visitors in real time.


  • Created an extensive network of premium publishers and advertisers with years of experience and ad serving technologies.
  • Provide customized solutions for publishers resulting in higher CPMs and revenues from their premium advertisers.
  • Have advanced Ad-Serving Solutions and AI for display and video campaigns with 100% Viewability for advertisers. 
  • Excellent customer support with custom one-on-one implementation strategies. 

Overall Rating 

For those sites with 1+ million page views, Next Millennium Media is a great choice. They are a medium sized company that has been in this industry a long time.  Take advantage of their cutting edge technologies that have provided results for their clients. 

I think they say it best when their goals are to provide “old-school” personal relationships with clients, while still asspring to improve their technologies for a leader in programmatic ad server and optimization