MyLead Ad Network Review


Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and easiest ways to earn money online. With this business model you earn commissions by promoting other people's products, saving you time and money by not having to invest in your own products. This means that you can get started in literally just a few hours, with a very little or no upfront investment, and have the freedom of working wherever you want.  

However, for those of us that have been in this industry for a while know the value of dealing with a trusted and reputable affiliate network. There are a lot of scams out there and the last thing an affiliate wants is not to be credited with a sale that was rightfully yours or having the network become insolvent.

This is why thousands of publishers are choosing to work with the MyLead affiliate network because of their  openness and credibility. In today's Ad Network Review we will be reviewing MyLead and judging them on their professionalism, reliability, and quality of offers.  


What is MyLead Affiliate Network?

MyLead is an performance-based affiliate network and comprehensive platform for making money online. Their head office is located in Poland, and has been operating since 2014. With 15,000+ publishers and 500+ affiliate programs, they provide you with very high paying affiliate commissions from top publishers from all over the world.

It is very clear that this company is run by a experienced team of affiliates who have a passion for their job. They have trained thousand of publishers on how to make money online, and have full training programs highlighted all throughout their users admin panels. Their clients appreciation has been highlighted through many blogs and review websites, and rank very well for many affiliate network terms and searches


How Do You Make Money With MyLead? 

Essentially MyLead is an "affiliate network" that connects merchants (advertisers) with commission based digital salespeople (publishers) to promote their services on their behalf. This means that when you refer someone to the desired product, if the person decides to buy the product or complete the desired action, you get a commission for referring the customer.

Like all commission based salespeople, publishers are always looking for the best selling product that will pay the highest commissions. However, the time it takes to look for new offers, negotiate a rate with the businesses, and ensure that you get paid for your referrals is very time consuming and not scalable. This is where affiliate networks come into play.

Affiliate networks play the important role and layer between the advertisers and publishers (affiliates) for negotiating offers, tracking sales, and managing payments. Acting as a third party creates open transparency and allows everyone to focus on their core strengths. The last thing a business needs to take time away to find affiliates and build a tracking system, while affiliates (publishers) taking time away from their websites and focusing on growing their audiences. 

You do not need to have an account with MyLead to see many of their offers. Just click on to see a full list as shown with their offers below.


Types Of MyLead Partner Programs 

There are many different categories and offers in MyLead's that we showed above including gaming downloads, dating, loans, courses, and business opportunities. Seeing that affiliate marketing is results based, advertisers choose which partner program works best for their business.  

Companies that are strictly eCommerce (like hosting companies) normally pay per sale, versus a mortgage broker that is looking for leads (typically name, email, telephone) that they then contact and turn into customers. You can see that not all businesses are the same, and been examining the offers affiliates can determine which offers they believe will provide the highest Earning Per Click (EPC). Longer and multi page sales forms typically pay more, compared to just campaigns asking for email only. Please click on each of the MyLead's partner programs below for full descriptions. 

Cost Per Sale (CPS)

Cost Per Lead (CPL) 

Cost Per Action (CPA)

Pay Per Install (PPI) 


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

How To Promote MyLead Offers

There are many different ways that you can promote one of the MyLeads offers. Relevancy and targeting your ideal client is key, and of course the more people that see your ads the better. Publishers with existing websites, have a large advantage over paid (cold) traffic. Other sources of traffic include paid ads (Google, Facebook), Youtube Product Demos, Social Media, Reddit, Email Marketing, Banner Ads, and of course blogging.

The best strategy for beginners is to start by building your own website (preferably WordPress) in your niche and start creating content. Once you start to become an authority figure in your niche, hopefully your website will rank in Google Search Results and customer will be more likely to take action on your advice. Reviews and ratings work great, and for us at MonetizePros one of our largest sources of income. 

Through trial, error, and testing you will find out which deals convert more, so you make the most earning per click (EPC). Also if you are looking at running any paid ads (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc) make sure to thoroughly read all the terms and conditions to make sure that your offers do not break their terms and conditions. They do offer FREE TRAINING for everyone after registration +blog with ready niches that you need to take full advantage of. 


Tracking and Stats

​​​​Whenever a visitor clicks on one of your affiliate links a cookie is dropped into their browser and how MyLead tracks them. This is how they tell if the customer orders something from the advertisers website, and how it credits you with the sale. All necessary statistics and offer are available on the main screen.

When a campaign is first running, it is important for real time data especially if you are running paid traffic. The status track the conversions, numbers, sent, and allow you to optimize in real time. Also, at the end of each day/month you will receive an accurate report on your earnings supplemented with all statistics. 

In addition, in the statistics panel we can check what conversion we have, the number of leads sent, and visits to a given sub-page. The panel has more extensive statistics on each offer. Each publisher can choose how they want to receive their notification, and when they want to receive them. I love looking at my campaigns daily, and think it is a really cool SMS service they do. 

Advantages of MyLeads

The biggest benefits of dealing with MyLead's is their professionalism, support, and quality of offers. They are always continue to innovative, with a team of professionals negotiation for better deals for their affiliates form their advertisers. Many of their offers are proprietary for them that they created after 4+ years of results. Both their advertisers and 15,000+ publishers know that they pay on time, and are doing everything possible to prevent any click fraud.  

They fully believe in transparency, and why in the MyLead panel you have full access to all your statistics and necessary indicators for optimizing your campaigns. In addition, the service offers the functionality of tests A B, which you can direct from one affiliate link, to various configurations or affiliate programs, verifying which one will have a better conversion and will help you earn even more.

Most of the SMS programs offered by MyLead are global. This means that the program can be promoted all over the world. They do this by having a content and payment gateway that automatically adjusts based on the IP of the given user. This is an extremely convenient solution for all those who promote globally.

If you ever have any questions, they offer 24/7 support and have many ways of contacting them (including Discord). 

My Lead Values

Disadvantages of MyLeads

The main thing to point out is that Myleads is a Performance affiliate network, so you only get paid when a conversion is achieved. Unlike Google Adsense (or other programmatic ads) that optimize for page views. I personally prefer this type of marketing (and why I use affiliate offers on MonetizePros) but revenue can be less predictable.

It is unfortunate that if a customer clears their cookies of the browser, they will not be able to tell who referred this. However, this happens in all affiliate marketing, but Mylead does whatever they can to justify this because they also do not get credited for the sale neither. The lifespan of an affiliate cookie varies depending upon the affiliate program. If you have any question on this for individual offers, please make sure to reach out to the MyLead team. 

How To Get Started With MyLeads 

Setting up an account with MyLeads is very simple. Head on over to and click on create an account. Registration does require both email and cell phone verification. Once approved, you can search through the offers and start making money online. 

There are no monthly fees from publishers, MyLead's get a commission from the advertiser so free for all affiliates. Plus with a minimum withdrawal amount of 50 PLN ($20 USD For Publishers Outside Poland) they offer very fast withdrawals by bank or papal most often in less then 48 hours. 

4.5 / 5 Review - Affiliate Ad Network

MyLead has been operating in this industry since 2014 and offer 100% safe and solvent services. There team goes above and beyond with free website audits and have numerous training materials showing you how to make the most of your campaigns. Payments have never been missed, and withdraws are processed very fast. 

During this time they have earned the respect of thousands of publishers, and top quality advertisers, with many deals only available on their network. A few of the largest brands they work with include,, and

MyLead continues to be a pioneer in the affiliate marketing space, especially when it comes to customer success and service. If you have any question their mentors are they to teach you how to make the most sales and will audit your website for free. Becoming a full time affiliate marketer is possible; all you need is a good affiliate network and determination to succeed. For more information contact them today at