Mspy Review for Publishers

MSpy is a company that offers monitoring and tracking software applications fit for the modern device today.  Parents, businessmen, and ordinary people can make use of their systems.  For online publishers, they have the option to avail of the affiliate program by MSpy.  Partnering with the company means bringing the benefits of better search results parameters online.  

The affiliate program offered by MSpy is one that will monitor the online marketing of a website using the latest software technologies.   The number of data, clicks on the sites, and impressions will be collectively gathered for the use of the publisher.  MSpy is primarily a system that tracks and monitors usage of the latest technologies in checking performance.  For that matter, for those who personally use it, it is a means of “spying” on the usage of the different apps present.  

Publishers who are part of the MSpy affiliate program are rewarded with a host of features and benefits:

  • 120 days of sales tracking, which means better understanding of the market performance
  • Advance analysis of the returns and visits.  
  • Commissions of 50 to 60 percent based on the results of the publisher
  • Referral commission, which means additional income of 10 percent for the performance of your referred partners

Promotional tools available include:

  • Banners of all sizes fit for the different mobile devices in the market.  Ad size also vary according to the needs of the website
  • Different themes and styles for the landing pages.  Visitors would be engaged with the presentable landing pages MSpy offers.  
  • Videos and tutorials are also available online for the publisher to use.  

Tracking people online is considered as one of the essentials to ensure that they adhere to the rules.  For parents, the use of newer technologies is crucial to make sure their kids stay safe.  MSpy offers technology that is considered modern and new in the market.  Not only for parents, the software offered is one that will benefit the user in monitoring people and what they are doing.  Hence, in essence, online marketing is one such performance level that users will want to track and check.  

Overall rating:  4 out of 5 stars

What we like about it:

The platform comes with the interface systems are easy to use.  The dashboard itself comes with the basic summary of the performance of the websites.  Quick stats for the last 7 days are display on the dashboard.  Plus, the best thing about MSpy is it offers an array of banner sizes, and themes for the landing pages.  

What we liked least about it:

Options for the payout choice for the bonuses and commissions should be clearer from the sign up down to the options listed in the interface system.

Publisher requirements: 5 out of 5

Technically, anyone is free to join the affiliate program by MSpy.  This means that anyone who wants to partner themselves with MSpy is given the chance to do so.  The best thing that publishers can have with the sign up is the referral system.  It encompasses new users to the system and it grows as the affiliates of the initial partner also grows.

Advertising Options and Offers: 5 out of 5

Options for the banners and ads vary according to the needs of the affiliate.  Banners are distinctly designed according to the preference of the affiliate.  Sizes for the banners are given on the interface for the user to choose from.  

Notably, the choices for the landing pages are also given. This gives the online user the different options on how they could develop their pages so that they could get more visitors to the premium offers.  The best thing about MSpy is that their affiliate interface platform comes with the Live Offer dashboard.  This means that you get to see the latest trends that other affiliates are giving their customers.  

Interface Platform System:  4 out 5

It is crucial that any affiliate program must have the right platform for their users.  MSpy offers a user friendly interface platform that is perfect for the beginner.  However, if there is one thing that is noticeably missing on the platform, it is the payout options. Only Paypal and Wire transfers are the options for ease of access.  Perhaps the Others option on the billing could expand more choices on how to payout the earnings.  

Reporting Interface: 5 out of 5

When it comes to online marketing with affiliates, there must be the presence of reports and graphs that will help the affiliate gauge his performance.  The best thing about MSpy is it offers you different reporting systems such as the referral reports and performance report.  The best thing about their reporting system is the graphical analysis of the movement of the program.  

Payment Options:  4 out of 5

MSpy offers quite a hefty array of different bonuses and rewards for their affiliates.

Affiliate commissions are paid via one of the following methods, according affiliate’s preference:





Wire Transfer

Their affiliate platform allows for payments to be made to your existing Payoneer Credit Card or wired through Payoneer Global Bank Transfer directly to your local bank account in local currency. If you do not currently hold an account with Payoneer, you may apply for it via our affiliate platform.

Account Support: 4 out 5

MSpy offers various support:

  • Free service for Basic subscription users: e-mail support, live chat assistance.
  • Free service for Premium subscription users: e-mail and live chat assistance.
  • Phone Support – Access to phone support, step by step walk through the installation process, and more! This service is optional, and non-refundable.
  • mAssistance – VIP assistance in rooting/jailbreak, installation of mSpy through Team Viewer, features setup and 24/7 technical assistance over the phone, in live chat and emails for $43.99.

MSpy Pros and Cons:


  • The MSpy affiliate programs offers you revenue shares of up to 40%
  • Commissions could reach as high as 60 percent for the high performers
  • Referral commissions could also be quite high as much as 100 percent
  • Variety when it comes to the customers as you target not only the business minded people who want to monitor their teams but parents who want to track their children
  • One of the fastest growing affiliate programs in the market
  • Options for banners and landing pages themes are vast, which means more choices that allows you to stand out


  • New clients should reach a 5 sales amount to have their first pay out.
  • Clearer discussion on commissions
  • Should have better payment options


What is the mSpy Affiliate Program? 

The mSpy Affiliate Program pays affiliates 40-60% share per customer conversion or an option for CPA offers.   mSpy is a phone tracking and monitoring tool, an useful resource for parental control.

What is the mSpy Affiliate minimum requirements? 

mSpy does not require affiliates to have a minimum traffic, their website states they accept almost all publishers provided they meet the content guidelines.  The content guidelines must not violate any applicable laws, including those targeting WAREZ, CRACKING, and HACKING SITES, or SPAM.

What are the mSpy payment methods? 

The mSpy offers 5 payment methods including Payoneer, WebMoney, EPESE, First Choice and wire transfer. You can request a payment at anytime provided you have the minimum payment balance and each sale must pass the 2 week holding period. 

What is the mSpy minimum payment threshold?

The minimum payment theshold for mSpy accounts is $100.  To receive your first payment, you must first process 5 conversions.

Overall Recommendation

Affiliate marketing is technically a commission based system.  It is crucial to have the right affiliate program that must come with it.  MSpy not only offers the publisher and user the products that monitor and track usage of new technologies and apps; they also offer the chance to track and check the performance of the affiliates.  In turn, this means higher returns on the program.  

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