Mobile10 Review for Publishers

Mobile10 is one of the most popular mobile affiliate networks. Although they are based in Russia they cater their services internationally throughout the entire world. Their revenue model as per homepage to CPA, CPM and revenue share. Here is the complete and honest Mobile10 Review by MonetizePros

Introduction to Mobile10

Mobile10 logo - Mobile10 review for publishers by monetizepros

Their main objective is to provide media-buyers and webmasters with effective and simplistic tools to monetize global mobile traffic. With mobile10 you do not need to be an expert coder or master of statistics as they tackle things on a more optimistic approach. Their goal is to make the entire process of monetizing mobile traffic easier. Think of mobile10 as a jackhammer that will help you put the nail in the coffin way faster rather than using your conventional hand held hammer. They make the entire process easier and faster for you.

Mobile10 Statistics interface - Mobile10 Review by monetizepros

One of the key features that Mobile10 is known for is the easy integration and the minimal set-up required to start right away. By minimal set-up, this means that the user interface is user-friendly and easy to manipulate and become proficient with.

As a publisher, you will no longer need to go through all the hassles of creating split A/B tests and offers to figure out which works best. With Mobile10 on your side, you won’t need to create promotional materials as well. Mobile10 promises that their mobile affiliate network will do most of the job for you and make your life easier as a publisher by streamlining everything into one interface.

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Mobile10 highly values their pride in their system’s efficiency as they have a more optimistic approach. It usually takes a long period of time to test offers. With Mobile10 they aim to make everything simpler by providing a single promo link. This link only takes you two minutes to integrate, talk about a quick setup. With the help of this promo link, it triggers their offer selection system’s algorithm right away and assigns the best campaigns suitable for your traffic. This way, their system helps you achieve better earnings per click (EPC). It’s kind of like putting a V8 engine on your family sedan, it makes your ride to the top faster and more efficient.

Mobile10 also has a referral program which you can get 7% commission for each successful referral that you can make.

Mobile10 Review

Let us now go ahead and dig deeper as we give you MonetizePros’ Mobile10 review for publishers!

What we like most about Mobile10:

  • Simple set-up, it takes only approximately 2 minutes after registration to start
  • Decently detailed statistics
  • Responsive support team
  • Payments are on time
  • Additional way to earn through their referral program

What we liked least about Mobile10:

  • You cannot choose which offers you would like
  • They only support non-incent mobile traffic

Publisher Requirements

  • Terms: Click to view their terms
  • Traffic Minimum: None
  • Language Requirement: None
  • Prohibitions: Incent Traffic
  • Additional Info: All content of all applications and websites must comply with network

Company Stats

  • Location: Russia
  • Ad Serving: International
  • Categories: Digital Media, Advertising, Affiliate Network, Mobile
  • Year Founded:  2014
  • Company Type: Public Company
  • Company Size: 11-50 employees
  • Operating Status: Active

Contact and Support Information

Advertisers and Offers

  • Offer Types: CPA, CPI, APK
  • Ad Types: Direct link, Pop-up, Interstitial, iframe, SDK
  • Verticals: All
  • Network Size: Unknown

Tech Implementation Rating: 4 out of 5

Mobile10’s tech implementation is one of the top of its class. The set-up is amazingly easy. All you need to really do is use the link that they provide and their system’s algorithm will take care of the rest. All the campaigns that are sent to their rotations are checked thoroughly. They only add white campaigns to their rotation.

This all sounds fairly well however, first your website or application will need to comply with their network. Mobile10 is strict about only approving non-incent traffic so if you run incent traffic you better look the other way.

Reporting Interface Rating: 4 out of 5

Along with its easy set-up Mobile10 features an easy to use interface to go along with it which includes detailed statistics. Within the user-interface, you can get all the statistics you could possibly need to analyze your next move.

Payment Rating: 4 out of 5

  • Net 15 payment basis
  • Payment is twice a month
  • Minimum payout is $10 on majority of their payment methods
  • Payment is mostly on time
  • 7% commission on successful referrals
  • Multiple payment options with more than 8 payment methods : Bank transfer, Yandex money, Wire, Payoneer, E-payment, Capitalist, Bitcoin, Litecoin, PAXUM, EPESE, Paypal, Qiwi, OKPAY.

Account Help Rating: 4 out of 5

We have taken the time to test their support team and at the same time, we have also talked to some of the publishers who are signed-up to Mobile10. They reply in a decently timely manner although it can be improved. Their support team has adequate knowledge to assist you with the queries you send them.

When you experience low rates their support staff will assist you and re-optimize your campaigns to help you get better rates. If you still are not satisfied you can contact them again and they will try to re-optimize your campaigns again without complaining or stalling whatsoever. Unlike most support teams, theirs does not diminish over time. Support is constant, responsive and consistent with their service.

Performance Rating: 4 out of 5

Kind of like how Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) works, Mobile10’s system will automatically pick-up which offers are most suitable for your traffic so by theory the publishers will be getting better revenues. What’s not so good is the fact that you are unable to manually select which offers you would want. Basically, you will be relying on how well their system can match which offers will show up to your visitors and audience. Rates are reported to be stable, and in case you get low rates their support staff is ready to assist you in re-optimizing your campaigns to improve its performance.

Pros of using Mobile10

  • Easy Setup
  • Easy link integration
  • Statistics monitoring
  • Search Engine friendly campaigns
  • Multiple payment options
  • Payment are on time
  • Ad serving is international, on all operating systems and devices
  • No minimum traffic requirement
  • No language requirement
  • Great support staff

Cons of using Mobile10

  • Minimum payout
  • Incent traffic is prohibited
  • You can’t manually choose offers you would like to show up in your website or application

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 star rating for mobile10 - Mobile10 Review by monetizepros



What are the Mobile10 publisher require​​ments?

There are no minimum publisher requirements provided you comply with the terms and conditions of the network.  Mobile10 also offers quick approval and easy installation for publishers to get started. 

What is the Mobile10 monetization method?

Mobile10 focuses on mobile traffic monetization. For mobile traffic monetization they offer CPA, CPM and rev share. 

What are the Mobile10 payment methods?

Mobile 10 makes payments to publishers twice a month with NET 15 terms with 8 available payment methods. Payment methods include Bank transfer, Yandex money, Wire, Payoneer, E-payment, Capitalist, Bitcoin, Litecoin, PAXUM, EPESE, Paypal, Qiwi, OKPAY.

What is the Mobile10 minimum payment threshold? 

The minimum payment threshold for payments is $50 for publishers of Mobile10. 

Editor’s Conclusion

Mobile10 proves to be one of the potential top contenders right around the corner when choosing a mobile affiliate network. Their system proves to be very capable of delivering decently good revenues and conversions. However what makes it not totally good is the fact that you are not able to handpick offers you might believe will perform well for your visitors but that is not really a big factor since their algorithm is presently delivering stable rates for their publishers.

You won’t have to worry about payment delays with Mobile10. You will get your money bi-weekly. Their payments are mostly on time and have multiple payment options available. But you do need to reach the $10 minimum before you can process a payout. Mobile10 also has great support and a user-friendly interface.

To conclude, Mobile10 will give you stable revenues, pay you on time and their support team and professional staff is ready to help when you need them.