Madrivo Ad Network Review

Madrivo is a premier affiliate network that has been connecting both advertisers and publishers since 2011. Their commitment and reputation for only working with compliant and ethical publishers has created a buzz among the affiliate industry. 

Most companies advertise that they only work with reputable brands. For those of us who have applied or had the pleasure of working with Madrivo, know they are the real deal. They will ask for multiple references from other affiliate managers and provide outstanding service to the elite affiliates accepted.

Today I am going to walk through my Madrivo review and show how this company is differentiating themselves from what is commonly referred to as the scam filled performance marketing industry.

Introduction To Madrivo

It is no secret that performance marketing (also known as affiliate marketing) is one of the most efficient ways for advertisers to acquire new customers. That's because they only have to pay when a service or action is delivered. After seeing the benefits of this newer business model first hand, the team at Madrivo decided that they could do this better. They launched in 2011 but wanted to do things a little different.  

By focusing on all seven of the largest online customer acquisition channels, Madrivo has experienced year over year growth, including a 400% increase in sales last year alone. This included over 1 billion impressions, 8 million clicks, and generated 600 thousand conversions for their clients this year alone. 

Advertisers trust working with them knowing their websites won't appear in sites where they shouldn't. Affiliates know that they will get paid.  This is part of their exclusivity and only working with approved offers and why so many top companies including AIG, Liberty Mutual, Fidelity, Travelers, Fabletics, and many more. 

Madrivo Clients

Overall Rating  4.5 / 5

Madrivo is not a huge company who assigns a new rep every week that barely knows your name. Nor are they a smaller company that does not have the years experience and technology required for this industry. Their commitment to reputable publishers has attracted top advertisers, especially advertisers in the finance and automotive niche. 

One of their company philosophies regarding compliant offers is that they would only ever display ads that could be proudly presented on the front page of the New York Times. In addition, all advertising is even reviewed by a licensed attorney. A clear winner for those wanting to work with a "white hat" affiliate network. 

For these reasons, I have given them a very high rating 4.5 / 5 for advertisers, and publishers lucky to run their offers. One of their proudest moments, is achieving top 101 of the best places to work for. Not to mention top 13 fastest growing advertising company and best ad network in Affiliate Satisfaction. 


Company Stats  

Madrivo Company Photo

What Does Madrivo Do? 

One of the best ways to explain Madrivo would be to compare it to a marketplace of buyers and sellers. Much like how Amazon connects consumers with businesses, Madrivo does the same. And just like Amazon, they need to make sure that they develop their own tools and special cases so that nobody exploits the systems. 

The best thing about a marketplace (or affiliate network) is that it is performance based. Advertisers get to choose how much they will pay for a preferred action (such as an email form or sale) and publishers (or affiliates) get to choose if they want to promote them or not. The more the advertisers pay for the required action, the more people will want to promote their offers. If they can not convert on a sale, you won't have may affiliates or publishers promoting the advertisers offers. 


As an advertiser, you will be excited that Madrivo is a go to source with high quality traffic for reputable brands and demands excellence. In fact, they have a licensed attorney review every single advertisement to make sure it complies with local laws including CAN-SPAM and the truth in Advertising Act. This guarantees that you will not get in trouble or have ads seen on compromising or shady websites.

You will feel confident knowing Madrivo’s high quality traffic sources are not only compliant, but scalable to meet your goals. With over 3,000 tested and run campaigns, advertisers trust Madrivo’s knowledge and the 10+ years of industry experience offered to them.

Clients rely on Madrivo to provide them with exclusive traffic sources and multiple traffic channels (email, display, native, social, search, mobile and push notifications) to generate valuable leads and engaged customers.

As an advertiser, you will pay only when you acquire a new qualified customer. You will be given 24/7 support with the Madrivo Tech Team. You can also rely on Madrivo to provide you with the right pricing based on traffic source, mutually beneficial conversion points (filters, qualifying consumers in real-time), multiple payout structures (CPS, CPC, CPL, CPM) and no upfront cost.

Madrivo Offers


Not only does Madrivo hold the highest standards of performance and ethics with their advertisers, but they make sure their publishers are of the same level. Those trusted partners then gain access to Madrivo’s unrivaled resources including analytics, legal, compliant and strategic advisers to help take their performance to the next level. This is apparent after dealing with them. 

By only working with reputable and larger publishers, Madrivo is able to provide a higher level of hands-on management to their clients, many times giving them the benefit of the doubt. Pixels and traffic are not always perfect, but they do see it as their duty to supply publishers with every single lead they give. This seems normal, but many companies scrub out leads to increase their profits. Their proprietary process ensures advertisers can not remove any leads from you. Traffic is money, and they ensure that you get every penny for your ROI.

All of this gets built into their technology and ad fraud technology that makes sure that publishers get the most they deserve, and advertisers are not getting scammed out of their hard earned money. Here are a few high level customer service benefits you will experience.

madrivo Affiliates

Technology Implementation 4.5 /5

After 10 years and billions of impressions, Madrivo's technology has improved and become extremely advanced. One of their core accomplishments is their Techtelligence predictive analytics (Machine Learning technology) platform that serves smarter ads throughout their media channels designed to increase Earning Per Click by 30%. This technology optimizes trillions of data points to make sure that the strategic ad placements show to their ideal customers through the highest converting channels. 

For publishers, they are connected with the most premium native and display DSP (Demand Side Platforms) for programmatic ads. Originally Madrivo had started off with a major focus on helping newsletter publishers provide relevant and targeted ads, before branding into other media channels. This meant that they know how email deliverable and inbox was key, developing a close connecting with the Top ESP's and resources to reach humans, not the junk box. 

Their integration team can help you with any of the technology implementations, but most of this is done by simply adding a code to your website (if your a publisher) and a really easy setup process. They are in the business of making this easy for you, and why they have succeeded in doing so. 

Reporting Interface  4 / 5

One of the things I like most about the their dashboard is how simple their interface is. The affiliate dashboard contains everything that you need, and also can track your sales in real time. The first page gives you...  

traffic by device madrivo
Click trends

Payment Rating 5 / 5

From all of the affiliates that I spoke with, the different reviews online, and personal experience, I can say that Madrivo takes their payment rating seriously. They go above and beyond to make sure that publishers get paid for all their traffic and referrals while at the same time combating ad fraud.  

Depending on the type and history of publishers, I know that Madrivo can offer more flexible solutions to meet your business. Here is one of the screenshots below from one of the top publishers accounts. 

account totals madrivo


What are the Madrivo publisher requirements?

Each publisher is required to be approved manually by Madrivo and must abide by their terms and conditions. They do not have any stated minimum requirements to publishers to be accepted. 

What are the Madrivo payment methods?

Madrivo offers it’s publishers 3 options for payment methods including ACH, check or wire transfer. The terms of payment are not standard for all publishers and vary for each individual campaign.  

What is the Madrivo minimum payment threshold?

Madrivo does not have a standard minimum payment threshold, this varies per campaign.  If an affiliate earns $1,000 per week, they can have the option to negotiate better payment terms, including weekly payments. 

Case Studies

  • Madrivo helps Thousand of Americans to find affordable life insurance policies with lead generation campaign

In 2012, a well-known insurance provider was just starting to introduce digital advertising initiatives into the marketing mix and reached out to Madrivo since they have earned a strong reputation in the online lead generation. 

Madrivo came with the ability to craft a media strategy that aligned with the insurance provider’s goals and vision. Based on demographic and psychographic analysis coupled with behavioral profiling, they converted more than 180.000 eligible applicants, generating a total of $6 million

  • Madrivo helps reputable mortgage lead buyers provided hundred of thousands of US homeowners with refinancing options 

Before working with Madrivo, Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) offers were promoted mostly through social media channels, which made it difficult for mortgage refinance to lead buyers to achieve their goal.

When Madrivo launched the HARP campaign they rapidly scaled and delivered over 100.000 unique visitors and more than 10.000 qualified leads in the first 30 days

Editors Response

If you are an elite publisher or affiliate that is looking for exclusive white-hat content, then Madrivo is a great choice for you. Their highly compliant offers attract many exclusive advertisers from reputable auto, finance, and banking companies. These major advertisers know that their ads won't ever be shown in any place or way that could hurt their image.

By staying away from less compliant and smaller publishers, the large companies they work with have some of the highest budgets available resulting in the highest eCPM. In addition, their experienced affiliate managers recommend the top 40 offers every week with in depth analytics to make sure that you get the most sales possible. Remember they only get paid when the specific action is completed so you are both working together on the same goal.

If you want to know more click here and fill out an application and someone from Madrivo will get in contact you with.