Decibel Network Review for Publishers

Decibel Ad Network has been around since the year 2013. There have been a few changes in the company’s operations since then so this is an updated review of Decibel as of February 2017.

Decibel: The leading music and entertainment ad network.

Introduction to Decibel Ad Network

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Founded in 2013, Decibel has grown to become a global marketplace connecting electronic music enthusiast with top advertisers in the entertainment industry. Decibel has its headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Advertisers are drawn to the network by its brand safe solutions delivered across an expansive network of transparent publishers with high-quality content on music, entertainment, and dance culture. The network has a broad audience reach via its RTB enabled partners. It takes pride in its publisher’s high-quality content and audience network. For publishers, Decibel provides a lucrative opportunity to monetize their music and entertainment websites with relevant ads from high paying advertisers. It is a win-win network for both publishers and advertisers.

Decibel operates more than 100 direct sites in the entertainment and music verticals. The company has one of the largest inventories of display and mobile advertising in the entertainment and music industry. It uses an advanced trading platform known as dbX Premium Ad Exchange for publishers and advertisers seeking for a massive audience on desktop and mobile platforms. The network connects top brands with music and creative content publishers.

Decibel serves ads in diverse industries including entertainment, clothing and fashion, technology, and gaming. Their pricing models include CPM, CPC, and RevShare. It is a self-serve and managed service network. Their tech integration supports multiple platforms including iOS, Mobile Web, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. It also supports mobile video and mobile rich media including expendables and interstitials. Decibel has many tablet offers too.      

One thing that publishers love about Decibel is the huge number of high paying advertisers who use the network’s platform because it allows them to hyper-target consumers by interest, geo-location, time of day or night, demographic, desktop or mobile platform, and much more. The network makes it simple for advertisers to target electronic music fans visiting their publishers’ sites. With a great number of advertisers on the network, publishers enjoy a wide range of offers to monetize their sites with.

To join Decibel as a publisher, you’ll have to undergo an application process that is “quick and painless”, as they state on their site. Actually, if your website meets their publisher requirements, you’ll have no problem getting accepted as a publisher. Publishers who join the network have the ability to monetize their sites or apps with offers from high paying advertisers. The company has an in-house software system that automatically matches the best paying ads with the most relevant audience to ensure that you get to maximize clicks and revenue while the advertiser reaches the most targeted audience. Best of all, the network will pay you for every impression your website generates.

Decibel will only serve high-quality and relevant ads on your site. It is an invite-only ad network, which means the ads that will be displayed on your website will be relevant to your content and of the best quality. High-quality ads ensure that you get high click-through-rates and better conversions. This is a perfect combination that ensures success for both the publisher and the advertiser.

The ad network has detailed and quite intuitive control panel for both publishers and advertisers. The dashboard and reports pages have all the analytics that show how each of your sites is performing at any given time. The reports page shows you all the impressions, clicks, and revenue generated within a specified date range.

Decibel pays on Net 60 terms, meaning that you’ll be paid within sixty days for all earnings accrued at the end of each month. However, you must have earned a minimum of $100 to be paid via Paypal/ACH/Wire (no check payments) for both US and international publishers. Payment is made within one to 5 days.

Overall Rating of Decibel Ad Network: 4 out of 5

What we like most about Decibel:

  • Access to high paying advertisers
  • High CPC , CPM, and RevShare rates
  • Support for multiple platforms including iOS, Mobile Web, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.
  • They serve high-quality relevant ads since it is an invite-only network
  • They have a detailed but easy to understand admin control panel
  • A transparent and accurate tracking and report system
  • A reliable ad network that has been in operation for years.

What we liked least about Decibel:

  • You need to have the best quality traffic and content to be accepted
  • Net 60 payment but they do pay in less than 5 days once you reach the minimum payout threshold
  • A high minimum payout threshold of $100 for both US and international publishers via Paypal/ACH/Wire.
  • They do not pay via check

Publisher Requirements

  • Publisher Terms:
  • Traffic Minimum: None
  • Publisher Language Requirement: English
  • Prohibited Content: Publishers are prohibited from deploying Decibel’s advertising on properties that contain pornographic, obscene, adult, defamatory, abusive, libelous, illegal, or infringing content. Sites that promote hate, discrimination, hacking, malware, and illegal activities are also prohibited. Decibel reserves the right to terminate its services on any website or online property at any time. For further details on content guidelines visit

Decibel Company Stats

Decibel Contact and Support Information



Advertisers and Offers

  • Advertising Types: Display
  • Offer Types: CPC, CPM, RevShare
  • Verticals: Entertainment, clothing and fashion, technology, and gaming.

Decibel Tech Implementation


Decibel Tech Implementation Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Decibel uses advanced technology in their dbX Premium Exchange system that links publishers with advertisers looking for the best audience for their offers on both desktop and mobile platforms. The in-house software system automatically matches publishers with the most relevant and best paying ads to ensure publishers get maximum clicks and revenue while advertisers benefit by reaching the most targeted traffic.

Decibel Admin Control Panel and Reporting


Admin Control Panel and Publisher Reporting Rating: 4 out of 5


Admin Control Panel

The Decibel admin control panel is detailed and easy to understand. Everything you need is clearly laid out in the left hand sidebar. The first page you land on once you log in to your account is the Welcome page from where you can do several things including creating a site or app, create an ad space, integrate Decibel ad tags to your site, and check your sites performance and earnings. All the other pages are easily accessible via menus on the sidebar to your left. The dashboard contains all the necessary statistics you need to analyze your performance including the number of impressions and clicks, your earnings, and Fill rate percentage. You can even view statistics for a specific date range using the date function conveniently placed at the top of the page.

You can also easily access other pages from the left sidebar of your admin control panel. The Site/Apps menu leads you to a page that shows you all the apps and sites you have created with an option to create a new app or site and the ad spaces menu allows you to create new ad spaces or manage existing ones. You can also access the Integration, Reports, Payment History, and Profile pages from the sidebar. It is an extremely easy to understand and well detailed control panel.


There are several ways you can access reports about your sites and apps performance straight from the control panel. The welcome page gives you a sneak peak of impressions, clicks, and revenue you have generated. The same information is also available on the dashboard and reports pages. If you want to know how much revenue you have generated, you can easily get the information from the Payment History page. Everything is laid out clearly to show you how each of your sites and apps are performing at any given time.

Decibel Payment


Decibel Payment Rating: 4 out of 5

  • Available Payment Methods:Paypal/ACH/Wire
  • Payment Terms: Net 60
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $100 for both US and international publishers

Account Help


Decibel Account Help Rating: 4 out of 5

  • Knowledgebase URL: None
  • Ease of Contacting Support: You can reach support easily via telephone or email: support@

Editor’s Decibel Network Review


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Publishers who join Decibel Ad Network stand to benefit a lot from the network’s carefully chosen advertisers. The network represents one of the largest inventories of both display and mobile advertising in the ever popular niche of entertainment and music. They have great offers for publishers with electronic music and general entertainment traffic. One of the major benefits publishers get when they join Decibel is access to the dbX Premium Ad Exchange platform which connects publishers with high paying advertisers in the entertainment, fashion, gaming, and technology industries. In their own words, Decibel connects top brands with high-quality traffic in the music, creative content, and technology industries.

Another major benefit publishers get when they join the network is the ability to monetize their websites or apps instantly. Decibel has software that will automatically match your site with the best paying and most relevant ads to ensure that you maximize clicks and conversions from your traffic. You’ll even be paid for every impression generated from your website.

Joining the network is not very difficult if you have the right content for their advertisers. However, your website will first have to be evaluated to ensure that it meets their conditions. Once your site is approved, you are automatically accepted as a publisher and can immediately start creating ad space, sites, or apps to run their ads.

Since the Decibel is an invite-only network, all the ads that will be displayed on your website will be of the highest quality and relevant to your audience. You’ll not have any off-topic or offensive ads on your site. The company strives to match the best ads with your site to ensure that you benefit from high click-through rates while the advertiser benefits by reaching the most targeted audience. It is a win-win situation for both advertisers and publishers.

Decibel has one of the best analytics systems in the industry. You are not left in the dark when you want to know how your apps and websites are performing. Their detailed and easy to understand control panel gives you an in-depth view of how each site or app is performing at any given time. You have access to a custom publisher dashboard that has all the performance tracking metrics including the number of impressions and clicks you are generating as well as the revenue earned within a given period.

Decibel has a great support team that you can turn to whenever you run into any issue as a publisher. You can contact support by phone or email 24/7 every day of the week. The support team is dedicated to helping you make the most out of your sites and apps.

The network pays on Net 60 basis. Their minimum payout threshold for US publishers is $100 for both US and international publishers via Paypal/ACH/Wire.

Pros and Cons of Decibel Ad Network



  • The network has very lucrative CPC and CPM rates
  • As an invite-only network, they serve highly relevant and quality ads on your sites
  • They have a great tracking and report system easily accessible from your admin control panel
  • They support multiple platforms including desktop and mobile
  • They are reliable, experienced, and trusted by many publishers across the world


  • They are choosy about the sites they accept
  • Net 60 payment
  • They don’t pat via check
  • High minimum payout threshold that may be hard to achieve for publishers who are just starting out in the industry.


Overall, Decibel is a great network for publishers with a good amount of high-quality traffic in the music and entertainment industry. They have some of the best CPM and CPC rates in this industry. If you have a website covering electronic music and entertainment niches and currently generating a good amount of traffic, then this is one of the premier top level networks to join.

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