Clickadu Review for Publishers

Clickadu is a growing ad network that is generating tens of thousands of impressions on a daily basis. Clickadu places their focus on pop-under ads. These ads will appear underneath a web page when they are loaded.

They serve advertisers and publishers worldwide and have been expanding their reach since their inception in 2014. They promote their pop-under ads to publishers as one of the highest converting ad types available.

They are still relatively new to the ad network industry and they are focusing on an ad type that will limit their ceiling as they grow, but they seem to have a lot of positive momentum within their industry.


Pop-Under Advertising

Their focus, pop-under ads, gives their publishers an angle that many of the more popular ad networks will not. AdSense, for example, does not allow advertisers or publishers to use pop-under ads through their network.

They will show up in front of the user when the page is closed. These types of ads are non-intrusive since they do not take away from the experience of the user as they navigate through your web page. Instead, they take the attention of the user once they have decided to leave your site.

This is the ideal time to push the user to the advertiser. It won’t take away from your site and it will still create the opportunity for ad revenue once they are done.

Pop-under ads have some of the highest click-through rates among all ad types. Although they are not widely used, they are highly effective since they command the full attention of the user before they are closed.

Clickadu Company Stats

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

What we like: Pop-under ads make it difficult for the user to tell where the ad came from. Clickadu specializes in this specific type of advertising and is one of the best at implementing it.

What we don’t like: Pop-under ads are never met with open arms. They are not the ideal type of advertising that you will want to use if you are focused on providing the viewer with the best experience possible.

Publisher Requirements

Publisher Terms:

Traffic Requirements: None

Publisher Language Requirement: None

Prohibited Publisher Content: No illegal sites

Ad Types: Pop-under ads

Features of Clickadu

There are no minimum traffic requirements and entry-level publishers will be able to use the network immediately. Clickadu is targeting the smaller publishers to help extend their reach across the web. They are hoping to create good working relationships with webmasters in their early stages with the hopes of continuing that relationship as they grow their sites.

Installation is simple and easy. Their easy installation, combined with their 24 hours or less approval process makes it one of the easier networks to be accepted into. It is a great option for those that are just getting started with online advertising, and those that do not yet have the traffic to sustain more traditional ad types.

They offer multiple and on-demand withdrawal options for advanced publishers. Their payments are reliable. Although they have only been an active network for a few years, they have a clean track record of paying their publishers in a timely manner.

The pop-under ads that they specialize in, have higher conversion rates than traditional ad types. They regularly outperform display ads across all networks.

Approval Process

The approval process is not automatic, but it is pretty close to it. Every site that applies to Clickadu will be manually reviewed before they are granted approval. The approval process is quick and straightforward. You should expect to receive approval within 24 hours of the time that you applied.

Payment Methods

Clickadu will pay through the following options:

  • PayPal
  • Epese
  • Web Money
  • Paxum
  • Payoneer
  • E-Payments
  • Wire Transfer

Their minimum payment threshold is $100 and they issue payments twice per month. As long as you have at least $100 in your account, you may withdraw your funds at each pay period.

They pay on a Net-15 schedule. You will be able to receive all of the advertising revenue in your account that has accumulated up to 15 days prior to the payment request date as long as it exceeds $100.

They have a premium publisher category that is reserved for higher performing publishers. These publishers will be able to withdraw their funds on demand. If you become one of these publishers, you may want to discuss additional withdrawal options with the network.

Comparison Network

A close comparison to this network is the PopTM network. We see Clickadu as a close but a better alternative to PopTM. If you specifically want to use pop-under ads on your site, these are the two networks that we would recommend that you look at for this.

Restrictions and Requirements for Publishers

The barrier to entry is relatively low for Clickadu. They have an established model that works, which allows them to accept new publishers at a higher rate than what other ad networks would be able to pull off. This makes it a very attractive network for publishers that are just getting started in the game.

They do not have any traffic requirements. If you are an unproven publisher or have just launched a new site that has not yet begun to generate steady traffic, you will still be able to use Clickadu as your main advertising platform.

This is great for those that are just starting out in the ad publishing world. It is also helpful for those that want to use it as a secondary or main source of ad revenue on their site until they begin to see significant traffic flowing to their site.

Other Clickadu Restrictions

They do not allow sites that promote gambling, host excessive profanity, display pornographic images, content or videos and will reject websites that reference anything that is illegal.

Sites that use fake traffic or clicks are banned from the network, even if it is not affecting the impressions or clicks on the pop-under ads. In the event that a publisher is caught violating these terms, their account will be terminated and they will be banned from using the network in the future.

How to Use Clickadu Ads

The process of implementing Clickadu ads on to your site is simple. Once you are accepted into their network, you will be able to insert Javascript code into your site or blog. You will be able to designate the amount of pop-under ads that you would like to have loaded for the user.

In most cases, 1 or 2 is the most you should use, but it is always a good idea to test for this first. The code will handle the rest of the work once it has been placed on your site.

Altering Code

Publishers are not allowed to alter the code that is provided by the network. They must use the code as it is provided with no alterations. There is a high likelihood the ads will not function correctly if the publisher attempts to alter the code in any way. This is one of the aspects that we do not like from this network.

On the other hand, these types of ads are made to be hands-free. Ads that allow for code altering are typically those that will be displayed on the publisher’s site directly. The pop-under ads that are available through Clickadu are already optimized and ready to use as-is.


Publishers will be given JavaScript code that they will be able to use to implement the pop-under ads. A publisher will have access to all pop-under ads throughout the network. It is up to the publisher to choose the specific pop-under ads that they would like to use.


Pop-under ads do not allow the user to immediately close them. Instead, it catches them off guard and thus, demands their full attention. Many advertisers that use pop-under ads will disguise the exit boxes in the window. As visitors attempt to close the window, they will mistakenly click the ad itself, which turns it into a conversion for the publisher.

This is a big reason why these types of ads have such high conversion rates. They not only appear unexpectedly, they require the browser to actually recognize the ad before they can close it.


The pop-under ads that are used by Clickadu use two JavaScript functions. The first creates the ad in the foreground and the second sends the ad to the background of the screen. This allows the ad to load behind the active screen, keeping it hidden until the user closes the window.

Split Testing Ads

Different ads will perform differently depending on a number of factors. Although it is difficult to determine which type of pop-under ads will perform the best for your site, it is easy to figure out. You can A-B test specific pop-under ads and track their results in order to find out what will generate the most clicks and ad revenue for your site.

Scaling Opportunities

The ease of implementing Clickadu’s ads means there is no limit to how large you can scale a campaign up. If you are able to find something that generates consistent clicks for you as a publisher, you have all the resources that you could ask for in order to scale it up. The extent to which you can scale up your ad campaigns is only limited by yourself.

Many that use Clickadu’s network add their ads to all of their sites. Since the pop-under ads do not take away from the viewer’s experience on the site until they leave it, there is little downside to implementing these ads as often as possible.

A Different Alternative to AdSense

AdSense is known to ban publishers with their strict regulations. If you are one of the many who have found themselves in this position (right or wrong), Clickadu is a good alternative that you can use to help replace some of the lost revenue from the AdSense ads on your site.

How It Stacks up against AdSense

When it comes to Ad networks, AdSense is king. Although Clickadu is not at the same level as AdSense and these other major ad networks are, it has many advantages over AdSense like the lower barrier to entry, shallow learning curve, and no traffic requirements. For that reason, you can’t simply say AdSense is better across the board.

The best way to compare the two networks is to not compare them at all. You can use both platforms and see which works for your site the best.

My Final Takeaways

Overall, Clickadu is an ad network that I feel comfortable investing a small portion of my advertising resources in as a publisher. Click for click, it won’t give you the revenue that AdSense or other on-site advertising will, but it is a great alternative option to use in place of AdSense. If you do have AdSense on your site already, I would recommend implementing Clickadu ads to see how they perform as an alternative.

For those that are new to ad publishing, I would recommend Clickadu as a beginning ad network. It is a lot easier to receive approval from their network and they don’t have extremely tight restrictions like some of the other networks do. They don’t have any traffic requirements which makes it a good option for those that are still in the development and traffic building phases with their site.

It is also an attractive option for site owners that do not have interactive sites. Display ads perform best on sites that encourage user interaction with them. Pop-under ads work well for sites that are being used for a specific function. You will see these types of ads on streaming sites where the visitor is loading up the stream and watching it without interacting with the site any further.

Clickadu is my pop-under ad network of choice. I have found that there are many other networks that offer these types of ads, but they don’t prioritize them to the same degree that Clickadu does. If you have a traditional informational website, this is not going to be able to generate the same type of revenue that a major ad network will be able to; however, it is a great option for sites that cater towards these types of ads.

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