Bidvertiser Review for Publishers

BidVertiser is an ad network that focuses on banners, pop under and slider advertising for both desktop and mobile. The ads that they publish are comparable to the ads that AdSense publishes in terms of how they work and generate revenue for publishers. The revenue for publishers is a mix of CPC, CPM and CPA where their propriety ad-server optimizes each ad for maximum revenue in real-time.

Bidvertiser Company Information

BidVertiser is one of the longest running ad networks that are still operating today. It was launched at the time when PPC ads were just starting to take off. The company aimed to compete with AdSense in the PPC advertising space.

BidVertiser has been in business since 2008 and is one of the leading long-tail ad networks, focusing on helping to generate revenue on small-to-mid websites.

Bidvertiser Review

Publisher Requirements

Publisher Terms:

Traffic Requirements: None

Publisher Language Requirement: None

Prohibited Publisher Content: No adult illegal sites

Ad Types: Display Ads, Pop-Under Ads, Slider Ads, XML Feeds, desktop and mobile

Approval Process

Their approval process is automatic. You will be able to start promoting their ads as soon as you sign up. As long as you don’t violate any of their publisher terms listed below, you should have no problem entering and staying within the network. Website verification is required in order to prove ownership, as well as phone verification.

Restrictions and Requirements for Publishers

  • BidVertiser does not accept the usual sites that display adult and sexual content, excessive profanity or vulgar language, drugs or other illegal substances, or sites that promote hate speech or hate groups.
  • Sites that are involved with pirating, spamming or hacking are banned from the network.
  • Sites that are still under development or are not yet completed will not be accepted into the network.
  • Publishers are not allowed to trick or incentivize visitors into clicking their ads. Being caught doing this will result in a ban from the network.

Payment Methods

BidVertiser will send payments through:

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Wire Transfer
  • Check

The minimum withdraw through PayPal is $10.

Since this isn’t necessarily going to be a network that you use to earn thousands of dollars with, the $10 minimum makes this network usable for the small time web developer or publisher. You can test this network on your site without committing to it long-term. If you find that it isn’t working for you, you can cash out using the low minimum amount and move on to the next platform.

Bidvertiser Company Stats

  • Homepage: Bidvertiser
  • Program Founded In: 2008
  • Employee Count: 10-50 employees
  • Ownership: Private

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

What we like: It provides a good alternative to AdSense or other display and text-based ad networks. They have loose restrictions which mean you won’t have to be as concerned about following the strict regulations that many other networks will hold you to.

We also like the fact that they mix a few models (CPC/CPM/CPA) thus able to optimize your ad spot for maximum revenue. The have invested a lot lately in their solution for mobile traffic and you could potentially earn a lot of ad revenue if a large sum of your traffic is mobile.

What we don’t like: The ads are not targeted around the content of the website. This will result in ads that your visitors may not have any interest in. If you use this network, you should expect a lower click through rate with potentially higher revenue from those clicks. They are able though to generate revenue from a mix of geo and niches that others are not doing so well in.

Make money with bidvertiser

Advertising with Bidvertiser

The BidVertiser advertising system is based on a bidding process that awards ad impressions to advertisers based on their bid amounts. The highest bidders will appear on the publisher’s sites regardless of the topic that the site is based around. This can be both a good and bad thing.

It’s good because it helps the publishers get the most out of their ad space. A publisher’s site will display the most lucrative ads that they are able to get.

The downside of this is that these ads will tend to be unrelated to the content of the site. This means you may have floral advertisements on your dental site. This matters because a browser will be less likely to click on a link that is completely unrelated to your site.

In most cases, their interests are in line with the site they are on. If they are on a car and auto site, they will most likely have some level of interest in what a car focused ad will display and therefore, they will be more likely to click on it.

On the other hand, publishers will be able to feature the ads that will generate the highest returns for them. The tradeoff is fewer clicks due to less relevant ads in exchange for higher CPC costs that go right to the publishers.

2-Tiered Ad Revenue System

A unique aspect about BidVertiser is that they will also mix CPM and CPA payments model along with the traditional CPC model, thus not only will a publisher be able to earn per click, they will also be able to generate some serious income if those clicks turn into conversions.

What Constitutes a Conversion?

A completed conversion will depend on the type of ad that it originates from. In most cases, a conversion will involve the user completing a form, joining or signing up for a website, subscription, trial or service, or purchasing a product through the ad.

You will receive revenue for both the click and the conversion when the user completes both actions. If they do not complete the full requirements that the advertiser sets, you will still receive the revenue for the click but not for the partial conversion.

Ad Types and Varieties

BidVertiser offers a variety of different ad types and sizes that publishers can place on their sites. They support all of the standard banner sizes, which are responsive and will perfectly fit any mobile site or traffic.

They also offer:

Slider Ads – These are more intrusive ads that will command the attention of your visitor but they will take away from the overall experience the visitor will have on your site. These are not recommended if you are focused on providing the visitor with a frustration-free experience.

Pop-Under Ads – These ads will appear behind the active window, only revealing themselves when the user closes the site.

Catfish Ads – 320×50 ads that flow at the bottom of the screen in mobile devices

XML Feed Integration –Use XML feeds to show ads across web applications.

Publishers can choose which ad type they wish to run through the publisher control panel.

Comparison Network

The best comparison to this network is AdSense, although it will not provide the same type of revenue that AdSense would. If you are one of the many publishers that have been banned from AdSense due to their tight restrictions, this is a strong network to consider switching to. You should expect your total earnings to drop; however, it should be easy to replace your AdSense ads with BidVertiser ads since their ad formats are so similar.

If you make the switch, keep in mind that the ad content will usually not be related to the content that is surrounding the ad unlike it does with AdSense. This may change where you will want to place your ads, but most seem to be fine with leaving their ad placement as-is. 

Pros of Bidvertiser

  • It is an acceptable alternative or replacement for AdSense
  • It provides more than one way to earn ad revenue
  • You can earn multiple commissions through the same user action
  • It provides payments that are higher than the majority of comparable networks.
  • BidVertiser has a 100% as fill rate. This means you will never have to worry about ads not propagating on your site. This is a problem with some of the smaller networks.
  • It is one of the longer running PPC ad networks
  • It has a low minimum withdraw
  • Automatic approval for the network
  • Higher than averages CPM rates for mobile traffic

Cons of Bidvertiser

  • Lower CPC than AdSense
  • It is not an ideal network for publishers that are relying solely on PPC for their ad revenue streams.
  • They do not match the ads with the content on your site
  • Low-quality sites will get lower paying ads
  • Daily earnings will vary greatly. This makes it tough to project your long-term earnings consistently.
  • The overall quality of the ads leaves a lot to be desired

How to get higher paying ads

In order to attract higher paying ads, you will have to build your site up so that it will generate more quality clicks for the advertiser. This will entice them to bid higher for your ad space. Although this is a good network for beginners, it makes it difficult for publishers with new and developing sites to make a meaningful amount of revenue because of this.

If you stick with the network; however, you should see the bids slowly increase for your ad space. Advertisers prefer established sites over new ones and are always willing to pay more for that kind of ad space.

How to Use Bidvertiser

Using BidVertiser is simple. The signup process is quick and you will be approved automatically. Once you receive approval, you can begin placing their ads throughout your site. They will accept almost any website as long as it does not promote adult or illegal material.

Once you are in, you can sort through their ad sized and ad types. They offer a variety of different pre-made ad types and sizes to allow you easily find the perfect sized ads for your site. Simply enter the ad code and your ads will begin to propagate on your site.

Once you begin displaying the ads, you will start to accumulate ad points. Ad points are the networks way of measuring the earnings potential of your site. The more ad points you have, the more attractive your site will look to advertisers. This will drive up the amount that advertisers are willing to spend per click for ad space on your site. Simply put, the more ad points you have, the more earnings you will be able to generate.

Differences from AdSense

Although BidVertiser uses the same type of ads, it differs in the way it delivers the ads to your site. AdSense will place ads that are relevant to your site by analyzing the keywords and content on the page and surrounding the ad. BidVertiser focuses on the highest bidder and will display the ads that will give you the highest CPC at the expense of relevancy.


What are the Bidvertiser ad formats? 

Bidvertiser offers it’s publishers display banners, pop unders, sliders, smartlinks, XML and programmatic ads with a guarantee for 100% worldwide coverage for both mobile and desktop.

What is the average Bidvertiser CPC? 

Bidvertisers gives it’s publishers the ability to monetize by CPC/CPM/CPA.  You can also mix CPM and CPA along with CPC in a 2-tiered ad system. 

What are the Bidvertiser payment methods? 

Bidvertiser issues payments to its publishers in 3 ways, paypal, bitcoin, wire and check.

What is the Bidvertiser minimum payment? 

Bidvertister offers one of the lowest minimum publisher payments with a $10 threshold.

My Final Take

Overall, this is a network that you should consider if you are unable to use AdSense on your site or if you either want to run extended ad formats such as Sliders Ads or Pop-Unders, which are no provided by AdSense and can generate high revenues. In addition, if you can generate mobile traffic to your website, BidVertiser certainly worth a shot because their mobile CPMs are very good across all geos.