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Adpushup is a revenue optimization platform that is designed to maximize publishers ad revenues by increasing their CTR & CPM’s. They do this by optimizing publisher side ad layouts with A/B Testing. 

This award winning team is a Microsoft funded startup, A Google CPN Partner, and has received several rounds of funding from top venture partners. This allows them to invest heavily in new technologies and features.  

They take great pride in combining all the most important monetizations features all in one platform. On top of their innovative ad formats and optimization strategies including an AMP converter, Header Bidding, & Ad Block Recovery.

Introduction To Adpushup

Adpushup officially launched in 2014, however the founders had created another company of Innobuzz solutions in 2007 with a knowledge solution platform. The idea for Adpushup came when they realized that A/B testing was becoming popular, but nobody was doing this for published side ad layouts. 

This is when the founders built and launched their own prototype to use for one of their clients, which resulted in double digit revenue growth the very first month.

I do believe that the best business ideas come out of necessity, and without any other viable solutions built their own solutions are gaining international attention. They have now expanded into a one-top revenue optimization platform for publishers and are serving 4+ billion ad impressions each month with 300+ publishing partners. .

One of my favorite stories about this company, is how they came to be and internal culture. They built their own offices right near their homes in Delhi and have a fun office with motivational posters around the office. From their social media, you can tell it is a fun place to work with a talented team of dedicated employees.   Plus they have Foosball and who does not love that 🙂

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Overall Rating 4.75 of 5

What we like most about Adpushup: They are truly an all in one monetization partner with their own in house solutions. Their services complete streamline ya publishers business with header bidding, ad layout optimization, ad block recovering, mediation, and amp solutions. You should not notice any difference in page load speed after changing to their service, with their custom built solutions.

What we like most about Adpushup:

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Publisher Requirements

Publisher Terms:

Traffic Minimums: < $1000 USD Monthly Revenye 

Prohibited Content: Must adhere to the terms and conditions of each ad network implemented within the publisher’s ad inventory.

Adpushup Products

Over the years, they have helped 300+ publishers increase their ad click-through-rates and over revenues, without compromising user experience. All of these services together is one of the reasons why the thing I liked most about them is that they are publishers all in one solution. 

Adpushup Products

Ad Layout Optimization: With just a few clicks of a mouse you are able to enter your website and watch it open up on the editor. With this, you can decide where you want your new ad units and layouts, while their AI technology increases revenue by automated A/B Testing. 

Innovative Ad Formats: Their ad formats are designed with high view ability that is proven to increase CTR. This included in-view ads, in-image ads, sticky ads, docked ads, and native ads.

Amp Converter: We all know the importance of faster page load times and why the Adpushup team has created their own AMP Converter with custom implementation on your site. 

Adpushup Products Header Bidding

Adblock Recovery: Recover much of the revenue that you would be losing the advanced adblock recovery technologies.  This may not be available in your existing plan, but shows in depth reports on your blocked revenues and important data of these users. 

Header Bidding: This advanced programmatic technique of header bidding makes multiple exchanges bid on your impressions in real time resulting in higher ad revenues. 

Ad Mediation:  This tools optimizes revenue between closed networks when real time auctions do not exist. This analyzes bid performance and awards the impression that are most likely to bid the highest

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Tech Implementation: 5 of 5

Their technology is extremely easy to setup and no coding is required. Once your account is verified all you have to do is place a single code into the header of your website. If you have any questions, your dedicated account manger will talk you through the process but really is not required. Here is how you add the copy and paste code to the <HEAD> Tag of your website.

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Tech Implementation

Reporting Interface: 5 of 5


Adpushup Payment Rating: 4 / 5

Adpushup is very upfront with their payments and charge 10% of earnings. They work on a rev share model so is setup for your Ad Network (For Example Adsense). Seeing that on average most of their clients experience an immediate 33% up with their publishing partners and monetization technologies. 

Adpushup Clients

Editors Response 

Adpushup mission is to help publishers maximize their ad revenue while offering their visitors free accessible content. There is a fine line between having too many ads on a website, and Adpushup finds the perfect balance. They believe that it is not solely about how many ads you have, but to make sure the right ads are served in the best location. 

The thing that impressed me the most was their visual editor that allows you to test various ad layouts, leaving you full control over your website. You can have their ad ops team do this for you, but nothing will go live without your approval. 

Testimonials Adpushup

There are many different ad monetization companies, but the services and level of standard that Adpushup provides to their clients provides outstanding value for your money. They target smaller to medium sized publishers, but specialize in customized solutions for larger publishers. 

As soon as you book a demo to go through their technology, you can see why so many of their clients have experienced double digit revenue growth withing the first month of switching over to their platform. Rentlingo is one of their testimonials and case study where you can view more examples or book a demo for yourself. 


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