AdClerks Review for Publishers

AdClerks is a new advertising platform similar to Google AdSense and BuySellAds. It is a great alternative for small blogs and websites with a minimum of 100,000 impressions on their sites.

Best self-serve advertising platform to buy and sell online ads.

Introduction to AdClerks

Bloggers and publishers who have been rejected by traditional advertising platforms such as Google AdSense or BuySellAds now have a ray of hope in AdClerks. With this platform, you can now convert every site impression into a steady source of income by selling ad space—or so the network claims. It is true that their acceptance policies are far less stringent.

AdClerks (PC) has managed to attract more than 10,000 websites and advertisers since it was founded in 2012 by James Hakim. Today, it serves over 15 million impressions per month, making it a rapidly growing online advertising platform. It is a self-serve platform which allows publishers to backfill any ad space that you haven’t sold to another advertising network—handy as a fallback option and a great way to sell to AdSense network users.

Sellers can now place an on-site shopping cart, similar to that offered by BuySellAds (BSA), for advertisers to buy slots on the site. Payments are sent through PayPal. Payouts are allowed on a minimum balance of $25 and can only be done twice a month.

Publishers can now sell ad space directly from their advertising page using the shopping cart feature offered by PC. The cart displays your site stats, ad sizes, impressions, and the available slots. AdClerks is set to start offering Ad Bundles, which are pre-determined, niche-specific advertising campaigns.

With AdClerks, publishers get listed on a proprietary directory, which is optimized for search engines thereby increasing visibility. On the directory, you can write a small site description and an enticing message to prospective advertisers. This means that you get more traffic directly from PC’s site.

Given their large database of registered websites, they have created filters that allow you to search for ad space based on date, ad size, impressions, price and category. This gives them an edge over sites like BSA. The database is curated and vetted, which gives advertisers confidence, knowing that they are buying ad space on “top notch” websites and blogs. Easy cash out options through PayPal means that nearly anybody on the globe can use these services.

AdClerks offers a great opportunity to greenhorn bloggers to start monetizing their blogs, despite having low traffic counts. This is something that is driving its rather rapid market adoption rate. When BSA was started in 2010, most people took a step back to watch its performance, and most ended up wishing that they had registered sooner. The same trend is evident in the case of PC, where requirements are changing as more people register for the service.

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Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

AdClerks Company Stats

AdClerks Support & Contact Information

  • Address: Suite 202b Marble Arch Towers, 55, London, United Kingdom
  • Phone Number: +1 832 800 3741
  • Support Email: [email protected]

What We like: Great customer support, easy entry requirements for new bloggers and website owners, simple cash out methods. Enhanced publisher exposure through their directory, simplified search features, among many others.

What we don’t Like: No TLD domains; bloggers having a BlogSpot or WordPress and similar extensions are not able to use the service. You must have a custom TLD to be eligible, but for most this shouldn’t be an issue.

Publisher Requirements

  • Publisher Terms:
  • Traffic Minimum: 100,000 impressions monthly, but sites with lower impressions may be considered if there is a huge advertiser demand.
  • Publisher Language Requirement:
  • Prohibited Publisher Content: The publisher will not allow any sites that display nudity, illegal content, hate and/or discrimination, illegal drugs, firearms, and content that encourages illegal activities. A site may be deregistered for contravening these requirements at the discretion of AdClerks. For more, talk to the online virtual assistant, Aimee, at

Advertisers & Offers

  • Advertising Types: Display.
  • Offer Types: CPM, CPC and CPA.
  • Verticals: Most

Tech Implementation

AdClerks Tech Implementation Rating: 5 out of 5

Advertisements can be placed anywhere on the blog or website at the discretion of the publisher. Too many ads may increase bounce rates so advertisers are advised to offer 2-5 ad zones on a site.

Display Ad Unit Sizes Available: Most common ad sizes will work on their widgets. Selling an ad of 200 x 20 pixels may not get you any buyers.

Implementation Technology: HTML, JavaScript, Images, CSS

AdClerks allows most ad sizes that do well on BSA and AdSense. Read their requirements on the FAQs page.

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AdClerks Publisher Reporting & Admin Control Panel

AdClerks Publisher Reporting & Admin Control Panel Rating: 5 out of 5.

  • Control Panel: The control panel is easy to use, with all the categories listed conveniently on the left side of the screen. After selecting a category, you will see the offers that are available whether you are a seller or a buyer. The ad properties list the estimated impressions that ads will get and also what it will cost per month. You get the full details of the offer by clicking the “Full Details” button at the right hand side of each offer. You can sort by impressions, date, ad types, among many others.
  • Reporting: The reports are generated on a daily basis giving up-to-date information for advertisers to use. You get data on the impressions, clicks, CTR (click through rate) for the day, week, and month. Data is also available for the full length of your account. You can go to the campaigns tab in the control panel to get full information.


AdClerks Payment Rating: 5 out of 5

  • Payment Methods Available: PayPal
  • Payment Terms: Twice a month
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $25 USD

Account Help

AdClerks Account Help Rating: 4 out of 5

Their online chat feature is perhaps one of the best features that AdClerks offers when it comes to support. You get to chat with a live person on any concerns that you may have. The company is growing at a fast rate and they do their best to handle the ever-increasing load of issues raised by their users. This allows for fast resolution of account matters, thereby increasing the effectiveness of their service. However, you will not have access to a personal account manager.

Editor’s AdClerks Review

AdClerks has a lot of features that position it as a surprisingly decent alternative advertising platform. Whether you are a seller or buyer, they have tools that can help you quickly launch or modify a campaign. For publishers, the site gives you easy-to-implement tools which allow you to make money quickly. Their low threshold also opens up income-earning opportunities for new publishers. For advertisers, PC does all the hard work for you. They curate and vet their applicants, ensuring that you get the best blogs and sites to place your advertisements. You are always at the helm, since it is a self-service platform—making it appropriate for experienced users, but newbies might need to utilize the support system from time to time.

An advertiser can get an ad published in about a minute, and that’s pretty impressive. For publishers, approval is done within a day or two. You do not have to wait too long to start earning money on this site. The designs of the ads are in keeping with the standards allowed by BuySellAds, and Google AdSense, meaning that advertisers do not have to make changes to their display ads.

Their on-site shopping cart is another noteworthy feature. Advertisers can make all their selections without having to leave the publisher’s site. The database is easy to search by impressions, price, size and category. Once the search results are back, it takes only a few minutes to go through the stats for each site, which are displayed on the thumbnail for each site. Clicking on the publisher thumbnail quickly takes advertisers to the respective site, where they can make their purchase on the on-site shopping cart.

As far as their support is concerned, there are times when responses may be slow, but this is why they have a virtual assistant called Aimee. Simply type your query and get the best response from Aimee. Should she fail to give you an apt response, you can then contact support for in-depth help. The chat feature is not always manned, and this is one area that they can definitely improve.

Given that this is quite a young site, they have done a great job at delivering an easy-to-use platform, for both publishers and advertisers to benefit from. This is why it is quickly gaining a firm foothold in the industry.

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Pros of Using AdClerks

AdClerks has quite a lot of benefits despite being new in the market.

  • Fantastic entry requirements: Unlike other platforms, AdClerks allows publishers of new blogs to monetize their blogs in a manner not seen on platforms such as AdSense and BuySellAds. This low threshold has endeared it to many publishers.
  • Simple operation: Whether you are a publisher or advertiser, you can easily get the solutions that you need for your website. Publishers can easily set up their sites for monetization and advertisers get to browse to their choice sites with just a few clicks. The UI experience flows well and promotes the self-serve mode of operation.
  • Universal ad sizes: An advertiser with ads on other networks can set up a campaign on AdClerks without having to redesign the ads.
  • Low minimum payment: PC allows withdrawal of a minimum $25. The payments are sent via PayPal.
  • Great administration panel: Publishers and advertisers get to choose their options using the powerful search function. The results are displayed prominently with the most relevant data appended for easy decision-making. An advertiser can then see the full details of the opportunities offered.

Cons of Using AdClerks

Despite being a great self-serve advertising platform, AdClerks has a few ends to tie up before it can be rated as the best in the industry.

  • No TLD domains: Oddly, bloggers with a BlogSpot extension cannot be registered on AdClerks. This means that all bloggers on BlogSpot must have a custom domain name in order to be eligible for the program.
  • Support needs a bit of tuning: Upon using this network, the support seems to be sluggish. Their online chat feature is usually in an “Offline” state. This may be the reason they have created a virtual assistant who cannot answer a lot of inquiries. The assistant is a simple search feature that scans the FAQs and presents the results to you.
  • Impressions threshold should be lowered: When the site was launched, bloggers and website owners with about 50,000 impressions could list their sites on AdClerks. Today, this has gone up to 100,000 impressions. This makes it very difficult for someone who has been blogging for only a few months to access their platform. 


What are the AdClerks publisher requirements?

AdClerks requires that publishers have a live website with a minimum 100,000 impressions or page views per month with a required primary English language.  Your website must have regular content, adhere to content guidelines, be a well designed template, be hosted on a paid hosting account and not receive any traffic from bots. 

What are the AdClerks affiliate offers? 

AdClerks offer publishers CPM, CPA and CPC. 

What are the AdClerks payment methods?

AdClerks offers a NET 60 terms to publishers and pays out the 1st of the month.  For example, earnings from January will be paid out on April 1 paid by Paypal provided you meet the payment minimum threshold. 

What is the AdClerks minimum payment threshold? 

The minimum account balance is $25 to meet the payment threshold requirements.

Final Thoughts

AdClerks is a wonderful advertising platform for websites that have a high volume of impressions. This should not dissuade website owners with a lower traffic count from applying; if the design of the website is great, and the site shows great potential, then they can accept it. The site has a shallow learning curve and any beginner can publish or buy advertising space easily. The site requirements keep on changing as time goes by, and publishers should not wait to jump at the chance of making some money from an early stage. The payment options are very flexible, allowing global usage of the site.