Adbuff Review for Publishers

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Adbuff Review

If you are looking for an ad exchange platform with the highest eCPMs, then Adbuff is probably one of your best options. Adbuff is one of the latest ad exchange networks which connect some of the world’s biggest advertisers to publishers with high quality traffic. Some of their biggest exchanges include top names in the digital world including AOL, PulsePoint, Criteo, and Google Ads just to mention a few.

As a publisher, you can rely on them to not only get multiple bids for your site but achieve the highest eCPM rates in the industry. They are only second to Google Adsense and sometimes even exceed Adsense rates in some bids. Adbuff gives you a single platform to access numerous networks ads using the latest bidding technology that ensures publishers get the highest rates for the most competitive ads. If your Adsense earnings are still below satisfactory level, it is time you gave Adbuff a try. They won’t disappoint as long as you have high-quality traffic.

Adbuff recently launched their public marketing after a successful beta launch with 50 high-quality publishers. Although relatively new in the market, the company is destined to become a leader in the ad industry given the lucrative rates and a wide range of high paying opportunities they provide publishers.

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Adbuff’s strongest points are its rates and the quality service the company offers both publishers and advertisers. Each publisher who joins the network gets a dedicated account manager ready and willing to help them their eCPM. All publishers have direct access to the company’s 24/7 active support system. At present, the company’s support has maintained a 97% satisfaction rate with publishers, which means as a publisher, you can expect prompt and efficient responses to all your queries and concerns any time of day or night. Their friendly and efficient support team will respond to your ticket in less than 1 business day.

As soon as we signed up, I had an amazing account manager named Penny reach out to me asking how she could help us out. She even knew what our site was about and did her research – this kind of quality is super rare!

The network provides three types of commissions namely CPC, CPM, and CPA. At present, it is a banner display network only. They, however, do not accept pop-up ads and do not plan on providing them but may soon be providing native ads.

Here’s something to brag about – Adbuff provides 100% fill rates! The company is plugged into the largest ad exchanges in the industry with access to a pool of the biggest advertisers in almost every country. This makes it possible to give publishers a 100% fill rate on both CPM and CPC basis.

Adbuff only serves G-rated ads that are acceptable for general family audiences. As a publisher, you’ll never see offensive ads, unwanted pop-ups, malicious downloads, code-injection or other shady stuff in your websites. This is a clean ad network.

One thing most publishers will find quite attractive with Adbuff is the $25 Sign Up Bonus they are offering to all new publishers who join the network. Other key features of the network, besides attractive CPM rates that sometimes put Google Adsense to shame, include great support, a $25 sign up bonus, high revenue share, weekly bonuses, efficient and reliable tracking technology, and timely payments. With real-time reporting on a real-time dashboard, you will always get instant updates on how your campaigns are doing at all times. Adbuff is dedicated to connecting publishers to the highest paying advertisers in the industry.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

What we like most about Adbuff: A $25 sign up bonus, high eCPM rates only second to Google Adsense, clean ads, timely payments, real-time reporting, and weekly bonuses.

What we liked least about Adbuff: A high minimum traffic requirement to join, and a high minimum payout threshold of $100.

Publisher Requirements

To maintain their reputation for high quality websites, Adbuff has strict guidelines for publishers.

  • Publisher terms:
  • Minimum Traffic: 2000 uniques per day
  • Publisher language requirements: English only
  • Prohibited Publisher content: Publishers will not display the company’s advertisements on sites containing download, adult, streaming, violence, guns, gambling, bitcoin faucet, and any illegal content. Free sites such as Blogspot and Weebly are not accepted either.

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Adbuff Company Stats

Adbuff Support & Contact Information

  • Address: 1 Yonge St, Suite 1801, Toronto, ON M5E 1W7, Canada
  • Phone Number: +1 647-715-6770
  • Support Email: [email protected]

Advertisers & Offers

  • Advertising Types: Display, Text. Pop-ups not allowed
  • Offer types: CPM, CPC, CPA
  • Verticals: Most.


Adbuff Tech Implementation Rating: 5 out of 5

Adbuff relies on the most advanced technology to deliver contextual advertisements. The system integrates ad widgets in a fairly straightforward manner. Publishers have multiple options on how they want to place or customize widgets. The company also gives publishers several display ad unit sizes including widgets for headers and sidebars for both desktop and mobile platforms.

It is also worth noting that Adbuff has a very efficient anti-fraud system. The company uses advanced detection systems to protect its advertisers from fraudulent impressions and clicks. Needless to mention, publishers are strictly prohibited from clicking their own ads and engaging in practices that go against the company’s terms and conditions.

Adbuff Publisher Reporting and Admin Control Panel

Adbuff publisher reporting and admin control panel rating: 5 out of 5

  • Real-time dashboard: One great thing about Adbuff’s control panel is the real-time dashboard that gives publishers instant access to their statistics. This helps publishers maximize their ad revenue when they can instantly tell what is working and what is not working properly on their sites. It is easy to change banner sizes and other display materials to determine to get better results when you have real-time statistics. Adbuff’s stats are updated every second to help you make informed decisions about your campaigns in real time.The admin control panel is quite intuitive and easy to understand. In case of any confusion or need for further assistance, you can always contact your dedicated account manager that the company has assigned you. Adbuff appreciates the fact that every publisher is unique and the more they get to know and assist you the stronger their ad revenue becomes. Your account manager will always review your ad performance and show you how to best optimize your campaigns.
  • Adbuff provides accurate real-time reporting. Their system is real-time to the core. You will get quick and accurate updates of all your advertisement and ad exchange data by the second. The dashboard gives you a snapshot of a variety of data based on time, channel, and type of widget. You can save or even export this information at your convenience.

Adbuff Payment

Adbuff Payment Rating: 3 out of 5

  • Payment Methods Available: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire
  • Payment Terms: Net 45
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $100 minimum for PayPal and Payoneer and $500 Minimum for Wire Transfer

Payment processing fees may apply which is why publishers are advised to seek for more details about their fees before requesting payment.

Account Help

Adbuff Account Help Rating: 4 out of 5

  • Support and FAQ section:
  • Personal Account Manager: Yes
  • Support Contact: You can easily reach support via telephone or email. Their phone number is +1 647-715-6770 and the support email is [email protected].

Besides these standard support channels, publishers are assigned personal account managers to assist them on any issue or concern. Adbuff may be a relatively new player in the ad industry but it has some of the strongest features and great opportunities for publishers.

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Editors Adbuff Review

Adbuff is a great option for publishers who already have a good amount of high quality traffic coming to their sites every day. It is not a secret that this company provides the best Google AdSense alternative in terms of rates and ad placement. Their core strength is in connecting publishers with high paying advertisers with the best eCPM rates in the advertising industry. However, keep in mind the network only accepts publishers with English sites with traffic from mainly the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia.

One of the best features about Adbuff is its 100% fill rate. The network is connected to the largest ad exchanges and has access to the biggest advertisers in almost every country. With such a far reach, Adbuff has the ability to always provide its publishers with a 100% fill rate on both CPM and CPC ads.

Publishers will also find Adbuff’s strong rates quite attractive too. The company’s rates are often times the highest you can ever find in any online ad network. This is made possible by sharing up to 90% of their revenues from advertisers with publishers. In the company’s philosophy, it is the publishers who build attractive content and converting audiences so they deserve to get most of the reward. This is in total appreciation of the great job publishers do to drive high-quality traffic to the company’s advertisers.

Adbuff provides three main payment options namely PayPal, Payoneer, and Wire transfer. However, their major downside is the high minimum payout threshold that many publishers barely starting out may find difficult to reach within a short time. The minimum payout for PayPal and Payoneer is $100 while the minimum payout for wire transfer is a whopping $500. Well, that’s not exactly easy to reach for newcomers, which is probably why they only accept established publishers with a daily traffic of 2000 visitors or more.

Other networks have lower minimums and will even pay publishers as little as $20 in every payment schedule. There is also the fact that Adbuff pays on Net 45 terms which may seem a bit longer for publishers used to Net 15 or Net 30 in other networks. However, if you consider their highest rates in the ad market and other beneficial features that they provide, waiting for Net 45 payment terms is not such a big deal after all.

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Adbuff provides three types of commissions namely CPC, CPM, and CPA. They are currently a banner display network only. They are not dealing with Pop-up ads at the moment and have stated that they do not plan on offering Pop-ups ever. However, they have plans to start serving native ads in the near future. One thing you’ll like about them is the fact that they only serve clean ads. You’ll never see any unwanted Pop-ups, code injections, malicious downloads or any questionable advertisements on your sites. All their ads are G-rated which means every ad that comes to your site is acceptable for all family audiences. The company works with the biggest advertisers non-adult categories.

How about support? Their support is top-notch. They respond to all tickets within a period of 1 day. The support desk is active 24/7 and quite efficient too. This is why the company’s support has maintained 97% customer satisfaction rating since its inception.

Adbuff Pros:

  • Attractive CPM rates second only to Google Adsense and sometimes even more than Adsense
  • 24/7 active and fast responding support desk
  • $25 sign up bonus
  • High revenue share
  • Weekly bonuses
  • Efficient and reliable tracking technology
  • Timely payments
  • Real-time reporting on a real-time dashboard
  • A personal account manager who will assist you in every step of the way to ensure you get maximum revenues your traffic.


  • A high minimum traffic requirement to join. You can only join if you have 2000 daily unique.
  • They only accept English sites with traffic from US, UK, Canada, and Australia.
  • A high minimum payout threshold of $100 for Paypal and Payoneer and $500 minimum payout threshold for wire transfer
  • Net 45 payment terms while most networks provide Net 30

Final Words

Adbuff is a great ad exchange network to join especially if you already have a constant stream of high-quality traffic. Their requirements may be a bit difficult for newcomers in the industry to satisfy but working with them is quite rewarding. They’ll provide you with all the assistance you need from a personal account manager, highest rates in the market, access to the best advertisers in the industry and a real-time reporting system to weekly bonuses, timely payments, and even a $25 sign up bonus. It is a network with great promise.

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