How To Create a Sustainable $1000/Mo Online Business in 30 Days

​The 30-Day Challenge is a FREE online course that will teach you how to build your very own online business in 30 days with no previous experience.

You'll receive exact blueprints, examples, standard operating procedures, marketing templates and much more!

​There is a private mastermind group with 1,000+ successful students. There, you'll be able to post questions, discuss different ideas, problems and meet like-minded people.

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What you will learn in the course:


Create a Business Model

Learn how to find a profitable niche that you can compete in and create a business model around it.


Build your Own Website

Create your first ever own website from zero and make it look professional with no previous experience.


Optimize Website

Get the blueprint on how to configure and optimize your website.


Outsource High-Converting Content

Learn how to outsource content and avoid misunderstandings by following a template to writing the perfect job description.  


Content Optimization

Optimize your content for both search engines and sales.


Drive Traffic With Zero Advertisement Spending

Learn techniques to drive traffic to your website quickly and free.


Scaling Your New Business

We'll teach you how to scale your website to $1000+ per month.


How to Sell Your Website

Sell your website 12 months later for $XX,XXX+

Here's what previous students have said...

Jim D.

Thank you so much for the outstanding 30-day challenge. The information you provided is priceless, and your dedication to support awe inspiring.

I’d definitely recommend this course to anyone - I already have.

This course is designed to get you earning in a very short time, whilst cleverly introducing you to concepts and tools that can be used for other applications.

Rafa M.

I've paid for dozens of online courses and the 30-day challenge delivered more value than many of the paid options out there.

The course is packed with value and probably should have a price tag attached to it.​

Jeffrey S.

Wow! That's all I can say. The 30 Day Challenge with Karl has been amazing. There is so much actionable advice in his lessons, and it clears up so much doubt when building a new blog.

Because of the step-by-step nature of the lessons, giving you another step to complete each day, there is little room for error; you are guaranteed to come out of this challenge with a huge boost in confidence and skill. 

This challenge is absolutely worth your time, and I would recommend this to anyone, even people with successful sites, because there is just so much here. I just can't believe that Karl is doing this for free, huge props to him for that; you could pay thousands of dollars for this information.

Also, as he often states, Karl wants to see you succeed, and so you will!​

Thank You Karl! I will be following MonetizePros for the rest of time!​

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