The Ultimate Guide to Display Advertising

This post covers display advertising, including different pricing models and ad units. The next e-book discusses various ad networks, including Google AdSense.

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The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation

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The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing

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10 Ways to Monetize Your Website & Earn Revenue

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5 Creative Below-the-Fold Monetization Ideas

When monetizing a site through display advertising, the obvious area of focus in the primary real estate located above-the-fold. Because these sections of a site are seen by every visitor, there are more opportunities to generate ad revenue. Many … [Continue reading]

3 Ideas to Improve Leaderboard Ad Performance

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5 Monetization Experts Who Inspire

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3 Creative Affiliate Marketing Implementations

When affiliate marketing is discussed as a web monetization strategy, it is typically considered as the primary means of generating revenue from traffic. There are thousands of sites out there that have been set up with the single goal of sending … [Continue reading]

Making Money From User Comments

A key to successful display ad monetization is placing ads in areas of a site where visitors will see them and engage with them. Typically, this leads to focusing on the most viewed areas of a site such as above-the-fold placements.It makes sense … [Continue reading]

How to Better Monetize Leaderboard Ads

For sites that monetize their traffic primarily through display advertising, there are a handful of factors that will impact the efficiency of this strategy and the RPMs realized:Positioning of ads Styling of ads Relevancy of adsThis … [Continue reading]

5 Creative Ideas For Better Mobile Monetization

As the percentage of Web traffic coming from cell phones and tablets continues to rise, monetization of mobile traffic has become increasingly important. Many publishers would likely be surprised to learn how much mobile traffic they are receiving, … [Continue reading]